Yoga to walk "towards equality of soul" – 31/12/2018




Gill-Eric Leininger also publishes 5 issues a year of his review "Yoga Drish" / DDM MPV

Gill-Eric Leininger also publishes 5 issues a year of his review "Yoga Drish" / DDM MPV

Gill-Eric Leininger is a holistic therapist, clinical psychologist, founder of the Leininger Institute, teacher and trainer of yoga teachers, federal monitor in martial arts (full-contact), and … author of two books: "Health through the good mood "(Editions Dervy), 2015 Academy Award of Languedoc, and" Your Essential Yoga, from its origin to its practice ", published this summer editions of the Dauphin. "I studied several styles of yoga: 4 schools, and therefore, 4 diplomas," he explains, "and then I took the College, with 6 years of clinical psychology, which I use a lot in yogatherapy. But one essential thing was still missing: the stimulation of the cardiopulmonary system. That's why I started full-contact, which I practice for more than 10 years.

This path allowed him to develop holistic therapy, a global approach that combines body and mind. "I do not like currents," he hastens to add, "I prefer to adapt yoga to people. My latest book, The Essentials of Yoga, is available to everyone. It recalls the tradition of yoga, with a pedagogical part, a philosophical part, and a "practical" part. I disprove many prejudices. Yoga brings a lot on the physical and of course philosophical. The combination of 2 allows to develop his personal evolution on all levels, very simply. Everyone can find what suits him, adopt a discipline of life, a way of life. Yoga is a way of being that allows you to "do no harm" and "do no harm". This is how "peace of soul" is forged. The essential is here! "

Beyond the reading of his book, it is of course possible to come for a trial class at the Institut Leininger 2, square François Lahille, where take place 6 group lessons per week.

Contact : tel 05 61 78 56 85, website