Yoga: the latest trends


DO YOU ATTEMPT? – According to a study published by the American Medical Association, women who participated in the facial yoga experience for several weeks appeared on average three years younger.

Face yoga is a hit on social networks. It's a 100% natural technique that will not cost you anything. But it is above all a real makeover. To get started, many videos are available for free on YouTube, such as those in the "Yoga of Face" chain. The exercises proposed will help you to remove the tensions responsible for the formation of wrinkles and thus tighten the muscles. It must still spend a few minutes in front of the ice, as regularly as possible. Another trend, partner yoga is to discover in pictures.

This Sunday, February 10, 2019, Coralie Dioum in her column "Do you like it?", Tells us about the latest yoga trends. This column was broadcast in La Matinale Week-End on 10/02/2019 presented by Christophe Moulin on LCI.