WWE SmackDown results, recap, notes: women shine again with the emergence of the Royal Rumble challengers


With all due respect to the immense talents of WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles and Royal Rumble in just a few weeks, the SmackDown Live title is undeniably the SmackDown Women's Championship. As Bryan-Styles' story advanced a bit more on Tuesday night, this week's edition of the blue mark answered a crucial question: who will face female champion Asuka at the Royal Rumble later on this week? month?

At the main event, three former SmackDown women's champions in Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Carmella clashed to answer this question for everyone. There was also another No. 1 contender chosen in the show, so be sure to keep reading to get the full results and SmackDown ratings on Tuesday night.

Asuka's Royal Rumble challenger emerges

In a pre-taped promo earlier in the series, Carmella said she was aware that people saw her as the third wheel of the triple threat tonight. But she reminded everyone that she was the female champion of SmackDown for 130 days, beating Flair and Asuka twice during that reign. all she needs is an opportunity. Lynch's pre-recorded promo followed Carmella, and "The Man" pointed out how she had to jump through the baskets to retrieve the title she never really lost at TLC. She will, however, and she says that during the Royal Rumble, Asuka will have to do more than just climb a ladder. Lynch said that Asuka knew that she had borrowed time. Finally, it was Flairs tour. She called Carmella the hottest thing of last year and Lynch the hottest thing this year, while she's the hottest thing on both brands for four years. She focuses mainly on Lynch and Carmella, and at the Royal Rumble, she will focus on Asuka. She wants her opponents to be ready for the queen tonight.

Becky Lynch def. Carmella (via submission) and Charlotte Flair will become contenders n ° 1: The main women's events on Tuesday night are becoming the norm and they are generally fantastic. The main event tonight to crown a No. 1 candidate was no different. These three women – and yes, including Carmella – made a fantastic performance, Lynch forcing Carmella to play Dis-Arm-Her after Flair was eliminated from the ring. While Lynch celebrated her next title at the Phoenix, champion Asuka headed to the ring. The two women clashed and bit each other in the middle of the ring to close the show.

First of all: the reality is that the reality is that the main female events on TV are just fantastic. As for the finish here, as Lynch continues to win the title at one of the biggest shows of the year, some people might think that would make her come out of the Women's Royal Rumble match – a match that many have had. wanted to see her win all the way up to face Raw champion Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania. Please remember, this is not the case at all, as it can compete in both matches. As for this game, it was a fantastic triple fight to determine a No. 1 candidate and Lynch against Asuka at Chase Field should be a treat. Grade: A-

Daniel Bryan-AJ Styles becomes more vicious

WWE Champion Bryan opened SmackDown this week, but not in the ring, but on the concession stands. He's back to take Styles and everyone else on an educational trip. First of all, Bryan addressed the food kiosk saying that fans are stuffing themselves with candy and popcorn to fill the gaps in their lives, which also explains why they are encouraging Styles. Bryan then took a hot dog in a fan and threw it in his face before taking a non-alcoholic drink from a fan at the same table and throwing it in his face. Then Bryan took us to the merchandise stand where he asked for a Yes Movement t-shirt, but there is none because the Yes Movement is dead. He pointed out the Goods Styles, mainly the gloves, and called them only useless plastic waste.

Bryan's pioneered a path through the supporters and led them to the ring's edge, reprimanding them on the way for treating them as weak, submissive and helpless. The champion told fans that they could boo everything they wanted, but he changed the world for the better while they only made things worse. While Bryan was preaching around the ring, he was attacked by R-Truth and the match started after the commercial break.

Daniel Bryan def. R-Truth via pinfallAfter a short round-trip, Bryan was able to put away Truth with his knee in motion.

As Bryan climbed the ramp after the victory, Styles attacked him from behind. Styles brought Bryan into the titantron as security tried to move him away, and Bryan was able to escape while Styles grabbed a chair to inflict more damage. Advertisers again drew attention to the fact that it was the styles that Vince McMahon wanted to see.

Prior to the main event, Bryan had been approached behind the scenes as he was leaving the arena and had been questioned about the attack by Styles. He said that he was not kidding about why Styles had attacked him, but if you think what he did tonight was vicious, everyone will see the vicious side from Bryan that they have never seen before. Styles will never take away the WWE title as he fights for a bigger cause than anything else and will be the WWE Champion forever.

This opening segment is not too spectacular, but it has finally served its purpose. Bryan continues to portray himself as the savior of the planet while, more importantly, Styles is channeling McMahon's message to him a few weeks ago about the onset of his massive assault. If you're interested in this quarrel lately, you've at least started wondering if Styles' aggressive new approach would cost him the WWE title at the Royal Rumble, or if we'd have a huge setback in Phoenix with the "Phenomenal One" regain the championship. The first is more likely, but strange things have already happened. Grade: C +

What happened to SmackDown?

  • Andrade "Cien" Almas & Samoa Joe def. Rey Mysterio & Mustafa Ali falling down: A good match, as planned, is over when Almas countered Mysterio 's 619 attempt and turned it into DDT Hammerlock to get the 1-2-3. Great victory for Almas on television.
  • Shinsuke Nakamura attacks Rusev again: A dark American champion, Rusev, was in the ring, recalling how Lana was injured last week because of Nakamura's actions. With Lana at home recovering, Rusev declared that he was appearing before us not as an American champion, nor as a bulgarian brute with the "body of 1,000 Hemsworth brothers", but as a husband . Rusev told Nakamura that he had crossed a line and then called him into the ring to get himself crushed. Nakamura appeared on the screen while he was sitting in the production truck where he said that he was going to prove that Lana's injury was not his fault. The former champion replayed the sequence in slow motion before telling Rusev that it was he who had actually crushed his wife. Rusev took off at the back to find Nakamura, but he was greeted by his enemy who attacked him with a rolling crate as soon as he passed the curtain. While the authorities were assisting Rusev, Nakamura hit Kinshasa for good measure.
  • The def bar The usos via pinfall: With Jimmy Uso on the apron and Jey Uso in the ring, Mandy Rose appeared at the top of the ramp in a towel. She asked Jimmy if her little gold shorts and little gold top were left in her hotel room. The distraction was enough to see Jimmy flipping the deck while Cesaro followed with the Gotch Neutralizer on Jey for the win. With the loss, the Usos will no longer have any opportunity to titles. Naomi was waiting behind the scenes to face Rose and Sonya Deville, but was finally mastered before Jimmy showed up for the save.
  • The Miz gets a tag title: Miz confronted Shane McMahon behind the scenes early in the night, explaining that he was rather offended that McMahon gave the Usos the opportunity to win a title shot rather than give it to him. themselves. McMahon told Miz that they were far from the title photo of the tag team and that they had to first reach that level. Miz asked McMahon when he had thought of the proposed outfits and the SmackDown commissioner dismissed it before going away. As the bar celebrated their victory, Miz headed for the ring. He challenged the champions to put the titles on the line against McMahon and him in front of 50,000 spectators at the Royal Rumble. After Sheamus introduced Miz with a Brogue Kick, Cesaro agreed. Behind the scenes, McMahon confronted Miz about the challenge, but after ensuring he could win, he was on board. We left for the SmackDown team title game at Royal Rumble.