What is ASMR, the "cerebral orgasm"?

To relax, we knew yoga, meditation or hypnosis. But in recent years, a new method of

relaxation is booming on the Internet, especially among 15-25 year olds. To test it, simply go to the YouTube video platform and type "ASMR" in the search bar. Surprise: There are thousands of specialty channels, and some have tens of millions of views.

Appeared for the first time in 2010, on American Jennifer Allen's Facebook page, "ASMR" is the acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (translate "autonomous response of sensory meridians"). This somewhat barbarous name refers to a mysterious thrill, or tingle of pleasure, that would originate in the back of the skull and spread like a liquid along the spine. Thus, it would be enough to listen to certain sounds with a suitable headphones to feel what some call a "cerebral orgasm".

Scrape a sponge or whisper, everything is good

In these videos, self-styled youtubers "ASMRistes" – in other words, artists from the ASMR, yes! – tell their day by whispering, pat a plate of Plexiglas, scratch a sponge, chew gherkins or stroke a pineapple with brushes … So many auditory stimuli, picked up by ultrasensitive microphones, called "binaural" microphones, supposed to trigger in the spectator the famous "emotional firecracker" which, we assures a fan, it would be easy to become "totally addicted".

"We can also provoke the ASMR through visual solicitations, says Roxane Cathelot, aka Roxane ASMR, 22, youtubeuse and student nurse in the Bordeaux region. Some Internet users are sensitive to the movement of my hands, others like to be put in situation, as if they had an appointment with their doctor. …

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