NEW YORK – Some dogs eat anything.

Just as this author's family owned a dog that enjoyed the Cape Crunch cereal for breakfast and cheeseburgers for dinner, some competitors at the Westminster Kennel Club's annual show are amazed at the prospect of almost everything that is edible.

Where many dog ​​handlers eat treats in bra pockets or straps or even in their mouths during competitions – "baits", other people find that their dogs just love too much food to stay calm in front of the brilliant Madison Square Garden. projector.

"In fact, I can not use bait with it," said Amanda Spencer, while her Irish Wolfhound (175 lbs) named Legion was displayed on the floor at Manhattan's Pier 94 during the first round of the event, Monday. "He's so motivated by food that his brain goes out the window, he has to wait until he gets out of the ring before receiving treats."

The Legion, like many contest dogs here and many of their human assistants, loves to eat chicken – especially chicken in the manner of a garlic herb and fajita. But where Legion, according to Spencer, will always skin foods that are not his favorite, the other Westminster dogs are much more.

"It's very hard to eat," said Cassidy Jackson of his Dalmatian Hunter. "This week alone, he ate a duck, a bistro and a chicken breast."

Many dogs eat liver or cheese during competitions, but Hunter's master uses roast beef. Marian McShane, Equipment Manager, explained that Dudley, a Welsh Corgi Cardigan she is presenting at Westminster this year, will only enjoy Franks sausages – and not all sorts.

"Hot dogs – the Frank Park, and nothing else," says McShane, tilting his head towards a pack of smoked sausages coming out of a dog crate. "One time, I had one of these cheap brands, and it was not a good thing, it will spit it out."

Bob Young prepares London Broil, shaved and cut into small pieces, once a month for his Polish lowland sheepdog, Zack. Deborah Bean makes homemade fish muffins from oats, sardines and eggs for Prima Donna, her Nederlandse Kooikerhondje, one of two new breeds at Westminster this year.

Mercy, a Grand Basset Vendeen Griffin representing the other new breed in the contest, greatly appreciates the food she finds herself.

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"Her favorite thing is the larvae that she digs out of the soil," said co-owner Justin Rose. "But the fajita chicken is the only thing she will show her talent in. We tried ordinary chicken breasts and she does not really eat them."

The Westminster event is sponsored by Purina and many dog ​​owners have said that their favorite pets most often eat traditional dog food. But going to an event like Westminster requires a lot of training, and sometimes it's better that this training be reinforced by something very special.

"His favorite treat is powdered donuts," said David Daugherty of Conor, one of the Pyrenees. "Little Debbie used powdered donuts, he'll have some before showing it, it's his happiness."