Missouri State won Sunday an incredible victory over the state of Illinois.

The state of Illinois had a two-point lead and had 7.8 seconds to play. But his next inbounds was eliminated and the ball was hit on the ground.

The 10 players competed for the ball and Jarred Dixon of the state of Missouri won. He then shot a half-court shot, which sank through the net to give his team the 66-65 win.

Here is the game from a different angle.

"It's surreal," said Dixon after the match, via Ozarks Sports Zone. "I want to thank my teammates, we fought until the end. Everyone was diving on the floor trying to get it. He happened to take it and let it go. "

Dixon finished with 13 points in the win. The state of Missouri has improved to 13-12 while Illinois has fallen to 14-11.