The free university football agency is in full swing. You probably already knew that, with the whiplash, many quarterbacks were going away.

Now that the dust has settled, who does not want to see a college football game in the playoffs next season with a Final Four from Alabama, Oklahoma, Georgia and the United States. Ohio State?

Just think of the potential past, because of the unstable quarter market.

A clash with Tide-Sooners would stage Oklahoma's new quarterback Jalen Hurts against the team he had led in the playoffs, the last time when he left the bench of injured players – the Hurts player was defeated – and led a return win against Georgia in the SEC's 2018 league match.

A clash between Buckeyes and Bulldogs would feature Ohio State's new quarterback, Justin Fields, against his former school, where he became one of the most famous rookies in the history of the program.

Even Hurts vs. Fields in a battle of the two most remarkable transfers of 2019 would be a television not to be missed.

If that happens, we can thank the NCAA – yes, the NCAA, of all entities – for greasing the path.

A few months ago, no one had heard of the NCAA transfer portal. Now these three words are as much a part of the lexicon of college football as the run-pass, Power Five and you will play without pay and you will like it.

The portal was put in place last October, giving players a chance to explore the possibility of transferring without having to get permission from the school where they attend.

Once an athlete decides to transfer, or at least wants to take it into account, his name is added to the database and any coach can contact him.

The player can always stay on the spot. Until now, however, it seems that once these names are on the portal, there is no turning back. tracks the movements on the transfer portal. Fifteen quarters of the database has been transferred. Four others are undecided. And that does not take into account all the players at the other positions of the portal.

Hurts, who graduated in December, can play immediately in Oklahoma because of the transfer rule. This is the same rule that allowed Joe Burrow to leave the Ohio State last year and play immediately for LSU.

Fields is hoping to get relief from tough conditions, much like quarterback Shea Patterson. Instead of spending a full academic year following the usual transfer rules, Patterson was able to play for Michigan right away last season after leaving Ole Miss as a result of NCAA sanctions against his former team.

Fields' claim for derogation would be centered on the fact that it is the target of a racial insult from a member of the Georgia baseball team at a match in the United States. football last September. He hired a lawyer who has proven himself by winning waivers.

Tate Martell must have the impression that Fields has a waterproof case.

Martell became the first (and so far the only) Buckeye to register his name on the portal and has since been transferred to Miami (Florida).

What happened to all of Martell's discussion about becoming the next quarterback to the Buckeyes?

No big surprise. He does not seem to be in the mold of the new Ohio State head coach Ryan Day, Ryan Day seems to be preferred: a big, strong and armed pocket smugger, with mobility, but who does not rest on his legs . Fields checks all these boxes and could eventually turn out to be a better runner than Martell.

The quarterback room of the state of Ohio now has three quarterbacks of scholarships and a walk-on. Only one of them, Chris Chugunov, Redshirt 's Red Shirt Manager, is a player transferred from West Virginia who has had some playing time for the Buckeyes. There are four decisive shots against Rutgers last season.

Full dosages occur everywhere.

Oklahoma, along with Hurts, plans to launch its third quarter transfer in three years. Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray won the Heisman Trophy.

Clemson started last spring with multiple five-star prospects and an incumbent holder at Kelly Bryant. The Tigers met up with Trevor Lawrence after Bryant left the season, which was transferred to Missouri in December.

It is difficult, however, to cry for Clemson. The Tigers have just won their second national title in three years under the command of Dabo Swinney.

Outside of Georgia, no one is crying for the Bulldogs either. They lost Fields but still have Jake Fromm, another five-star rookie who led Georgia to the national championship game two years ago and just missed out on a playoff spot this year.

Fields is not an outlier. reports that 11 of the 19 quarter-five stars since 2010 have been transferred. Blue-chip quarterbacks are not waiting for their time. They are at the next best thing.

Ohio State would like to think that Fields is the best thing to do next.