Toulon reduced to 14, the UBB benefits!

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Toulon cash a defeat without bonus in Bordeaux, the fifth away this season. Reduced to 14 after a good first half-hour, the Toulonnais have made too many mistakes to take the best of Bordeaux-Bègles (36-25).

The commando training will have had no effect, Toulon has lost again outside without taking the defensive bonus! The first period was interesting, the Var movements are fast, the will to play is there, Hugo Bonneval scored in the 2nd minute after an individual feat. UBB then took advantage of the indiscipline Toulon, Brock James begins his festival with three penalties (he finished at 8/8 and 21 points). Pietersen hands the RCT into the match but the turn of the match comes just behind with Romain Taofifenua's red card for a shoulder tackle on Amosa (36th minute).

The referee followed the rule to the letter, forcing Toulon to finish outnumbered, a decision very unfair according Raphael Lakafia, the captain of the RCT. "For me, there is no red card.Back, we cling, the guys send each other, everyone is supportive, this is shown since the beginning of the season despite the difficulties. Today, we came for something else, there is an arbitration decision that deprives us of that, we are in the match but we find ourselves running behind the score. There is no red card, we finish in front. "

Bordeaux had not known a break with rest with the departure of Rory Teague and the announcement of the arrival of Christophe Urios for next season, the UBB took advantage of the windfall to come off the recovery with a Seuteni's test (26-12, 43e). Cameron Woki hit the nail in strength (31-15, 53), Toulon finished strong after the yellow card of Cyril Cazeaux for a time stamp on Escande but the test of François Trinh-Duc and the good entry of Jonah Placid will not have been enough to bring back a point of this displacement in Gironde started with a preparation as of Wednesday.

The defensive bonus was then in focus at the start of the last ten minutes but a new fault of indiscipline will make fly the last hopes.