This former consultant has embarked on yoga


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This former consultant has embarked on yoga

Former consultant, Anne-Charlotte Vuccino has launched Yogist, her start-up yoga in the office. With success !

Passionate about yoga, 33-year-old Anne-Charlotte Vuccino has long organized classes for her former classmates at HEC, who became executives in large groups. But just amateur, not to the point of making it his main activity. "I also used yoga techniques on my clients to teach them how to handle pressure and stay focused," she says. While a consultant in communication and corporate strategy in Footprint, she is the right arm of the founder, Philippe Manière. "A real love at first sight. He put me in contact with many leaders, I was at the heart of the issues of governance and strategy. It was exciting but I did not feel ready to leave a CDI to get my box ".

She began to build a network and decided to go to Webedia (the publisher of the famous website AlloCiné) to become a project manager. However, six months later, no longer holding, she left his job and created, at 29, his start up. Yogist, its name, is the only one to offer "corporate" yoga. "I adapted postures of hatha yoga, the most widespread discipline, to the world of work. They can be done on a chair and without any particular dress, keeping their office clothes ". As the profession is not regulated, Anne-Charlotte leaves for a month and a half in Bangalore, India, to obtain a diploma recognized by Yoga Alliance, an international organization, and which serves as a label.

  • 2 to 3 million of yoga practitioners, in France.

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Worn by an effective method developed with osteopaths and ergonomists (Anne-Charlotte came to yoga for its therapeutic virtues after a serious road accident that immobilized her for 8 months) and surfing on the craze of well-being. being (a market of 37.5 billion euros, according to INSEE) and well-being at work, in particular, its lessons, workshops and other video tutorials on the internet quickly meet the success. Without spending a dime in marketing and communication, the designer makes herself known through word of mouth, participating in events around the famous Quality of Life at Work and opening her thick address book.

She signed first with KPMG, one of her former clients when she was a consultant, then with Webedia, not resentful. She has since worked with 200 companies, opened subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Brazil and achieved profitability, she says. As a result, Anne-Charlotte is enthusiastic: "I am convinced that an entrepreneur can succeed if he combines his passion and expertise."

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  • Anne-Charlotte Vuccino in 5 dates:

2006: Serious road accident. 2009: Join Footprint Consultants and discover yoga. 2014 : Change of job and enter Webedia. 2015 : Lance Yogist. 2019: The team is composed of 4 people and has 2 subsidiaries abroad.

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