CONCERN – Monday evening, a passenger plane carrying Argentine striker Emiliano Sala from Nantes to Cardiff disappeared from radar at 20h and has never landed in Wales, where he was expected at 21h. If a search and rescue operation is underway, worries grow in the world of football every hour, with players fearing the worst for the South American scorer.

An unbearable waiting. For several hours, all the protagonists of the world of football and the championship of France fear the worst after the disappearance over the Channel of the plane carrying the striker Emiliano Sala, recently transferred from FC Nantes to Cardiff City.

On the social networks, many are imploring the Argentinean to reappear, like his former teammate in Bordeaux and friend Valentin Vada. "Vamos hermano !! Aparece por favor !!!" ("Come on my brother, please show up !!!") tweeted the 22-year-old midfielder.

Today at Schalke 04, the playmaker trained at FC Nantes Amine Harit posted a simple "Emi …" followed by emoticons of prayers and tears. Ditto for two former Canaries, Leo Dubois, captain of the Yellow and Green in his time, and Lucas Deaux, today midfielder of En Avant Guingamp: "I hope from the bottom of my heart that it is not true. "

As for the Stade Malherbe de Caen, where Sala played for a few months, the emotion is palpable. "I saw my cloakroom with a lot of impact this morning, it's appreciated by everyone here, we're really expecting a good outcome, we talked about it with the boys before training," said coach Fabien Mercadal. of the SMC. His former partner in Normandy, Felipe Saad, does not want to believe in the death of his "hermano (brother)".

Joined by the team, former Girondins de Bordeaux coach Willy Sagnol, remembers an exemplary player: "I do not have the words to express how I feel, it's dramatic, horrible. a guy so good Emiliano is kindness, generosity incarnate.How do you say what he is? A good guy, hardworking simply.

On the other side of the Channel, Mehmet Dalman, the president of his new club, Cardiff City, has expressed his great concern: "We are very worried about learning that a light aircraft has lost contact over the Channel last night We are waiting for confirmation before we can say more, we are very worried about the safety of Emiliano Sala, "said the Welsh formation leader.

"This morning we made the decision to cancel the training. (…) At Cardiff City FC, we would like to thank our fans and the entire football family for their support during this difficult time, and we continue to pray for positive news, "said an official statement from the club later.