The Supreme Court will certainly have to decide a legal debate in the United States: are the breasts constitutional? This is not anecdotal because the subject poses interesting questions about America, its values ​​and principles. The lawyer for three plaintiffs is considering taking the case to the Federal Supreme Court in Washington after the New Hampshire Supreme Court has found them wrong.

Three years ago, on a Saturday in May, one of the Preventives did topless yoga on a beach in Laconia. The police asked him to cover himself because the municipality forbids nudity in public places, even on the beach. Three days later, two other women did the same, knowing very well what they were exposing, because they are activists of the group "Free the Nipple", (release the nipple).

A symbolic appearance for the complainants

This feminist movement fights against "thehypersexualisation"breasts." Activists were seeking to be arrested to receive a fine of $ 124 and bring the case to justice.

The Supreme Court of the State has validated Friday this convictionon the one hand, establishing that there is no gender discrimination, and on the other hand that this restriction does not call into question the freedom of expression of these women. Men and women discrimination and freedom of expression, are the legal issues that their lawyer wants to bring before the highest court in the country.

A case far from isolated

The phenomenon is common. It's been several years since feminist activists seek to be arrested to go to court. But according to the states, there was conflicting decisions, especially in Maryland, Colorado, Missouri. For this reason, they want to reach the Supreme Court.

In reality, most states do not prohibit women from being naked in law. But many communities have restrictions, including sometimes for breastfeeding.
And if the naked breasts become a political fight, it is because this debate raises ambiguities of American society.

Prudishness and aggression, the American paradox

Freedom, religion, trade. A paradox, in a nation founded on the idea of ​​freedom, but whose religious roots perpetuate a rather prudish design social relationships, while often exploiting for commercial purposes a hypersexualized image of the female body.

I'll give you an example: the career of Janet Jackson was ruined 15 years ago when viewers briefly have preview one end of her nipple during the concert at the half time of the Super Bowl. The boss of the CBS channel, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, had then done everything so that it does not pass on its radios, on its channels, including MTV. The singer has never fully recovered from this "scandal".

Since then, the boss of CBS has fallen for a series of sexual assault charges. And last week, at the halftime of the Super Bowl final, on the same channel, before 100 million viewers, the singer of Maroon 5 was shirtless. Some on this occasion emphasized this contradiction on the "freedom of the nipples".

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