The Phillies star has a bruised foot after being hit by the ball


CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) – New Phillies Phillies star Bryce Harper was injured in the right foot when he was hit by a spring shot during a spring training match, but his manager Gabe Kapler said his team was not too worried.

The initial x-rays were negative, said the club. Harper then left the stadium for more detailed x-rays.

"Bryce has the bruise on his right foot," Kapler said after a 3-2 win over Toronto. "For the moment, we have no major reason to worry, but we obviously want to go inside and have a look first."

"It's very scary considering where we are at the camp," he said. "We are confident and understand that we have a good club on the field and we are confident that Bryce will be fine."

Many spectators at Spectrum Field gasped when Harper was hit by a quick 96-mph shot by Toronto rookie Trent Thornton in the sixth inning. The slugging player went down in the mud, grabbed his ankle and stayed on the ground for a few moments.

Harper was controlled by a coach, hobbled to the dugout with help and quickly headed to the clubhouse.

Recently signed for a record 13-year, $ 330-million deal, Harper was playing his fourth show. It is 0-for-5 in 10 appearances on the plate.

Harper had hoped to play three consecutive games, starting Friday.

"I think it's a bit premature to speculate on lost bats or anything like that," Kapler said. "First of all, we probably have to go inside and meet our medical team and discuss it, but again, not too worried for the moment."