the ideal techniques to rebalance your body and mind


Kobido, yin yoga, shiatsu, reiki, fasciapulsology … An overview of the ideal techniques to rebalance your body and mind by living a voluptuous moment, disconnected and full of grace

For those who like interlocutors: shiatsu "Shi" means finger, "atsu", pressure. Shiatsu rids energy blockages by boosting the flow of energy throughout the body. He is practiced dressed and lying on the ground on a futon. The therapist exerts more or less pressure with fingers and palms along the acupuncture meridians: "It goes from kneading to joint rotations and stretching," says Ana Silva, who has been practicing shiatsu for twenty years. Patients become aware of certain areas of their bodies that are parts of their being. "Shiatsu is done on a regular and preventive basis, providing deep relaxation followed by a boost of energy. He would participate in a healthy lifestyle, because it allows better breathing, sleep better, mitigate physical and psychological disorders in the search for a perfect balance.
Price: 75 euros the hour session. Ana Silva: 06 87 90 67 50.

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For those who like to rely on themselves: yin yoga This extraordinary practice targets the deep tissues of muscles and organs. Accessible to people who do not have major problems of articulation, it consists in holding yoga postures for several minutes with conscious breathing. "During the first sessions, we do not necessarily hover but we are already starting to give up physical tensions related to emotional tensions," says Delphine Arras, home coach. During the session, the mind is invited to let go. To become aware of these small resistances and to feel them disappear is literally liberating. The body is relieved of its tensions, especially those located in the heart of the basin, where emotions are sometimes very old.
Price: 50 euros, at home. Delphine Arras: 06 14 96 41 33.

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For those who envy the complexion of geishas: kobido It is much more than an anti-aging care; it gives back to the face its oval, its volume, its brightness and its youth. This massage is a journey between relaxation and absolute kif. See you in paradise! "My practice focuses on energetics, vibration and percussion," says Claudia Razimovsky. In my protocol, I always interrupt the session for a few minutes to practice the stimulation of the tsubos points, by which we intervene on the energy of the meridian. "The skin is uncreased, the radiant complexion, the tone of the face is improved while a powerful inner serenity settles.
Price: 70 euros the session of 50 minutes. Claudia Razimowsky: +33 (0) 6 51 95 97 66.

For those who love tradition: plantar and palmar reflexology The foot is a miniaturized representation of the human body and it is divided into many reflex zones. The art of foot reflexology consists in exerting a specific touch by digital pressure on these areas, mainly with the thumb, to locate possible tensions and dysfunctions of the body in order to eliminate them and restore the equilibrium. Like the feet, the hands constitute a condensed image of the body. "The benefits of this natural technique are numerous," says Cécile, reflexologist at the center of well-being At the heart of the patio: harmonization of vital energies, release of stress and nervous tension, relief of muscle tension, improvement of blood circulation, condition relaxing and deep relaxation. It promotes the elimination of toxins and activates the lymphatic system. "Everyone can practice it and the frequency depends on each one. "However, says the specialist, it is better, at first, to perform this massage at least once a week, and then, depending on the results, to space the appointments, until the stop, after the disappearance malfunctions. "
Price: 119 euros the session of 45 minutes, 556 euros the six sessions. At the heart of the patio: 09 80 87 87 39. aucœ

For those who love novelty: fasciapulsology

To release by touch the traumatic memories of the body and the mind, it is the essence of this manual therapy

To release by touch the traumatic memories of the body and the mind, it is the essence of this manual therapy © Getty Images

A fascia is a very strong fibrous membrane that envelops muscles and organs. Connected to each other, they form a multidirectional network. Many osteopaths work without knowing it … Some clarifications on this rather poetic therapy … Meeting with Marie Burthiault, fasciapulsologist, certified IFCC France.

Paris Match. What is fasciapulsology?
Marie Burthiault. To release by touch the traumatic memories of the body and the mind, it is the essence of this manual therapy.
Who is she talking to ?
To all, from infant to senior! Whether you suffer from trauma, stress, dysfunction from unhealthy eating or shock, fasciapulsology helps to resolve all kinds of tensions.
How about feeling during a session?
If one compares the body to a musical instrument, the practitioner acts as a tuner. It helps the body to vibrate again. A body that vibrates is a body that lives, a body that regains its energy, its contours. The hands of the practitioner come to rest on certain areas to unravel the pain and allow the nodes to move until free. The patient feels his body moving under the hands of the fasciatherapist, while he often feels that he is motionless. It's a mysterious dialogue between the inside and the outside.
Interview Marianne de Beer
Price: 90 euros the session. Marie Burthiault: 06 14 66 53 45.

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