The former university football star convicted of several rapes


A former college football player was found guilty of raping and sexual assault on six women. Despite the lack of scientific evidence and defense of the accused, the popular jury chose to believe all the complainants, without exception.

He spent his whole trial arguing that his accusers were liars in search of recognition and love. But the popular jury chose to believe each of them, declaring Torrey Green guilty of raping five women and sexual assault on a sixth, reports the "Desert News". They were not present Friday at the time of the verdict, but Spencer Walsh, Cache County Assistant Attorney in Utah, said they were "relieved." "We are very pleased that the jurors decided to believe these six survivors," he added, highlighting the courage of those who had to face their executioner during the various hearings. "They have been phenomenal. They are incredible women and it is an honor to have been able to bring them justice, "he said.

The facts unfolded between 2013 and 2015, while Torrey Green was a star football player at Utah State University. Throughout his trial, the accused's lawyers recalled that there was no DNA evidence and that a victim had filed a complaint only last year. To defend himself, Torrey Green claimed that four of the facts for which he was charged were in fact consensual sex and that two never occurred. In his testimony, the man indicated that the six women were in love with him and wanted attention. "I just wish I did not break their hearts. I should have done better by explaining that I did not want a lasting relationship. I'm sorry for that, "he said.

"We must begin by believing them"

His lawyer further stated that the case was fabricated and that these women only became known after the player signed a contract with an NFL team (the national football league), then that he "should become a Super Bowl Champion". She acknowledged that her client was not proud to have had sex with so many women at the time he was at the University but that it was not rape. Torrey Green had signed with the Atlanta Falcons after his university career but he was expelled from the team in 2016 on the first charges of rape against him.

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The prosecutor responded by saying that the women did not know each other and that they had nothing to gain in this story. He also described the former player as a charming predator. Each of the victims told the same story during the trial. They were all approached either on the Tinder application, on social networks or on campus and were assaulted and raped during their first meeting with him. When one of them asked her to come home at home, he said, "You do not really want to leave. It's going to be funny, you'll love. The footballer responded by explaining having only kissed and touched the buttocks of the young woman, "so consented". He added that he did not have sex with her because at that time he was taking treatment for chlamydia. To another – the first to have lodged a complaint – he said to her, "You're not the kind of girl to go to report rape, do you?" A sentence that he will later say to another of his victims to whom he also said he saw so many of his friends "destroyed because of this kind of accusation".

"We need to do a better job in rape cases and take them very seriously," Spencer Walsh said. We must start by believing them and then we must do a real job of investigation, if we do that, we will live in a safer and more enjoyable place. " At the verdict, Torrey Green burst into tears. He will be sentenced on March 27. He incurs 25 years in prison for life.

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