MONTREAL (AP) – The center of Colorado Avalanche stars Nathan MacKinnon and coach Jared Bednar seem to have made peace.

The two men downplay a dispute filmed Wednesday night in Calgary on the witness box. They spoke Friday, a day before Colorado played against the Montreal Canadiens.

MacKinnon seemed to be saying "Do your job" at Bednar towards the end of the Avalanche's 5-3 loss to the Flames, Colorado's eighth loss in nine games.

MacKinnon said that he felt that the team should have removed the guardian earlier, but acknowledges that he has mismanaged things. He says he saw reruns in his hotel room and was annoyed by the fact that he looked like "an idiot screaming".

MacKinnon said he spoke to Bednar shortly after the match and said "everyone loves playing Bedsy here."

As for Bednar, he says he did not worry at all, adding that he admired MacKinnon's "fire, passion, and emotion."