A huge budget is not necessarily synonymous with oversized stadium, good atmosphere or spectators in numbers. The construction of a stadium often meets a particular need at a given moment, in connection with a major sporting event such as an international football competition or the organization of the Olympic Games. These major sports events can indeed dampen the price of work through all the business they generate.

However, you will see that the winners of this ranking are in fact related to the most popular sports in the United States, namely American football and baseball. Two disciplines that move crowds and promise revenues that allow clubs to afford the world's most expensive stadiums.

5th – Mané Garrincha stadium in Brasilia

Built in 1974, the Brasilia National Stadium took advantage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup to give it a lift. Having become one of the emblematic figures of these Brazilian speakers that sparked the controversy on the sidelines of the World, it will have cost 1, 9 billion reals, or about 830 million euros. A budget well above the original estimates.

4th – Wembley Stadium in London

The "Vieux Wembley" was demolished in 2003, then rebuilt to be inaugurated in 2007, in order to host the London 2012 Olympics. Ultra-modern stadium with a capacity of 90 000 seats, it is mainly used to host matches home of the national football team. Its construction cost has been estimated at one billion euros.

3rd – AT & T Stadium in Texas

Located in the western suburbs of Dallas, the former Cowboys Stadium (named after its tenants, the Dallas Cowboys) can accommodate 80,000 spectators, and even 105,000 for big events such as the Super Bowl. Featuring the largest giant screen in the world, AT & T is mainly dedicated to American football. Its construction will have required the sum of 1, 1 billion euros.

2nd – The Yankee Stadium in New York

With 52,000 seats and baseball stadium setup, Yankee Stadium (named after its tenant team) opened in April 2009. A stadium yes, but surrounded by clubs, luxury shops and restaurants! It will have cost 1, 4 billion euros to Yankees of the Bronx, for a budget almost mastered. It also hosts New York City Football Club football matches or concerts.

1st – Metlife Stadium in New Jersey

It is considered the most expensive stadium in the world. For a budget estimated at 1, 5 billion euros, it was built to accommodate 82,000 spectators, mainly supporters of the Giants and Jets, two football teams in New York ranked National Football League. It has been funded by both teams and will have even been delivered ahead of schedule, to be inaugurated in 2010.