The & # 39; Veon Bell does not regret sitting there last season after signing a jets deal | Bleacher's report

Pittsburgh Steelers The "Veon Bell" arrives at the EA Sports Bowl at The Armory on Thursday, February 1, 2018 in Minneapolis. (Photo by Omar Vega / Invision / AP)

Omar Vega / Associated Press

The off-season of The Veon Bell goes green in more ways and now that he has got a four-year contract worth With $ 52.5 million with the New York Jets, Bell addresses his decision to miss the 2018 season in hindsight.

"I think the decision I made was [one] I would do everything again, "the old Pittsburgh Steeler told Ralph Vacchiano SNY Thursday. "I do not regret anything that happened … Who can say what will happen?" If I play on a one-year franchise label, if I'm hurt, would I be in this situation today? # 39; hui "?

The two-time All-Pro officially became a Jet Thursday and asked fans to "get ready" for what was coming:

Bell's comments should not surprise anyone. After all, it's a man who released an album on March 13 titled "Life is a gamble." He directly addressed his controversial contractual situation with the Steelers on a piece titled "Free at Last", rapping (h / t Sports Illustrated):

"They do not want you at the table
They will make you go through bulls – they 're able to
They will work and work and underpay you "

Bell also said, by Vacchiano, that he felt "it's the best that my body has felt in my life" in December and January, having spent the entire 2018 campaign.

February 20, ESPN Jeremy Fowler reported that the Steelers would not place any etiquette on Bell, which allowed him to become an unrestricted free agent and terminate a tenure in Pittsburgh that went back to his second-round selection by the franchise in the 2013 NFL draft.

With the Steelers, Bell has accumulated three 1,000-yard seasons – the most recent being 1,291 yards and nine touchdowns in 2017.

Then came 2018. Pittsburgh had placed the franchise label on Bell for two consecutive years, and the receding half testified to his desire for long-term stability. Bell confirmed to ESPN Last March, he had denied a previous offer of Steelers worth $ 42 million in the first three years.

In the end, the two sides could not agree on an agreement and Bell lost more than $ 14 million besieged last season. After initial reports on his new contract with the Jets, Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter said on FS1 First things first that he should not have left this money on the table last year:

However, Bell seems perfectly able to put those millions of dollars in the past and focus on his contract. By Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk, he will now earn at least $ 25 million in guaranteed money.

But since money is now an inextricable part of Bell's story, one can lose sight of the fact that his decision to play for the Jets also depended on other factors.

"When the season is over, the stars are a little aligned with the Jets," he said. Vacchiano. "It was my favorite team growing up, they needed a RB, everyone was talking about it, in my head that's where I wanted to go."

He even proclaimed his love for the franchise on Twitter in 2011:

Outside of the discussions, the Jets find a completely relaxed 27-year-old, who is the most dynamic player in his position since joining the league. Bell to add security measures for quarterback Sam, second year Darnold and give a jolt to a franchise entering a new era under the head coach Adam Gas.