Located in the heart of the 15th district of Paris, the Thai massage institute Ban Kasalong is here to offer you a moment of relaxation, but also of well-being thanks to reflexology sessions and Thai massages. Ban kasalong Thai massage Paris 15 welcomes you every day of the week from 11am to 9pm.

Thai massage Paris 15th

Ancestral custom (more than two centuries), the Thai technique combines the benefits of yoga, relaxation, meditation, but also acupressure to vivify your body and your mind. The healing art of the body and mind, Thai massage strengthens the immune system, reduces stress and increases your energy. What to get away with leaving aside the time of a moment the problems of every day.

Want to improve the way you breathe or increase your immune system? You do not know what to deal with everyday stress? Are you constantly running out of energy? Do not panic, we have the solution for you!

Ban Kasalong, Thai massage institute takes care of your person by offering you reflexology sessions and massages with different types of oils. With two or four hands, using a candle or herbs, our masseuses will guide you to choose the solution best suited to your needs.

Paris is surely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it is nonetheless tiring for those who live there every day. Do you perceive that your loved ones are under stress? Muscle, back or neck pain? Why not offer them a moment of well-being? The Ban Kasalong Institute, your Thai massage salon in Paris, offers gift packs to personalize according to tastes, inclinations and needs. You are sure to give a gift that is remarkable, original and beneficial. They will come out in top form and at the same time more serene and soothed.

At Ban Kasalong Paris 15, Thai massage is based on ancestral practices to restore the balance of energy in the body. The basic principle of Thai massage is to begin with the areas of the extremities of the body (laterally), to continue towards the central part of the body (medially), then to regain the feet and the hands. This ensures the transfer of energy along the energy channels called meridians and optimizes both the circulation of blood in all different parts of the body. The combination of a stretching exercise and a low-intensity massage relaxes and then lengthens the muscles.

A traditional Thai massage in Paris 15th

Which one of you has not dreamed one day to see a balance between your body and your head, to recover the nature of oneself, to be connected again with oneself? It is now quite possible thanks to the Thai massages proposed by the Ban Kasalong Institute in Paris 15th. Detoxification of the body, increase your sports performance, strengthen the immune system, help creativity, stimulate vitality and reduce stress, here are the benefits of this practice. And there are still many.

The establishment Ban kasalong offers traditional Thai massage sessions in the Rue de la Croix Nivert near Metro Félix Faure, Paris 15th, but also massages head and face, traditional Thai massage etc …

Ancestral massage in the heart of Paris

Thai massage was in ancient times called Thai yoga, because of its assisted application of gestures borrowed from yoga. This therapy is native to India circa 563 BC 483 BC Thai massage has its roots in the approaches of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Theravada Buddhism (a principle based on the Buddha tree).

As Suree explains in his living room of 15e Paris district (Ban Kasalong), Thai massage is a mixture of several massage methods such as treatments with trigger points, neuromuscular care and manual therapies. It can be a very beneficial way to relax your anatomy and cause many positive transformations on your body.

Thai massage helps sanitize energy flows, improve blood circulation and even enhance immunity. Thai massage is useful in reducing tension since it lowers the rate of cortisol (stress gland) and increases the degree of serotonin (guarantee of pleasure). Psychically, Thai massage helps to relax the mind and body.