Photo: Joe Robbins (Getty)

The Ohio State Quarterback, Tathan "Tate" Martell, is listed on the NCAA Transfers Portal. A picture of a computer screen broadcast on Twitter with the full name of the Buckeyes backup highlighted. This information has been confirmed by Jeremy Birmingham from Lettermen Row.

Although putting his strange name on the transfer portal does not guarantee that he will leave Columbus next season, this is a little surprising for Martell, given the situation he will be in next year and what he will do next year. he said. Dwayne Haskins has had a monster season and has become one of the top prospects of the NFL draft this year. He even tweeted a picture of himself. Jersey of the giants. His departure would leave Martell the most experienced quarterback in the lineup.

More importantly, though, is what Martell said at the Rose Bowl this year regarding questions about the transfer of Georgia's former quarterback, Justin Fields, to the state of Ohio. The grounds would be the highest-rated prospect in Buckeyes football history, and his skills and level of talent suggest he would be the smarter choice to start the quarter. Despite everything, Martell "100%" guaranteed that he would be starting quarter next year and even downplayed rumors that he would be transferred from the program.

"I think [there are transfer rumors] because everyone saw what I did in high school and thought I would go on the field, what am I doing. There is no doubt that I want to go on the field. But all that is past. I want to play for Ohio State. Since my childhood, I dreamed of playing for Ohio State, and I'm not just going away from something in which I spend so much time and there's no chance I'm not involved in the competition and fight for my work.

Martell had made these comments before the official transfer of Fields, but it seems that his bluff was called to this decision.

It's not like Martell would not have any interested programs. Reports indicate Miami and West Virginia are interested in bringing in the quarterback which was more or less used in rush situations and similar situations at Taysom Hill. The real losers in this situation may well be the state of Ohio. The departure of Martell would mean that the Buckeyes will be seriously lacking depth at the quarterback. An unfortunate injury could tip next year next year into a bad pass and allow coach Ryan Day to explain why he let his most experienced quarterback go elsewhere.