Take care of yourself. Find the yoga you need


Everyday, Edwige Coupez offers keys and tips for everyday well-being. Today, choose a suitable yoga.

New forms of yoga are in the spotlight at Zen Studio du Body Fitness salon which is held until Sunday, March 17, Porte de Versailles in Paris. Yogalates, Power Flow Yoga, YogaN'Move, WarriorsYoga … All are to try.

I wanted to know what was behind these almost barbaric Anglicisms. So I donned my tights and unrolled my carpet in the course of Aria Crescendo. Former Crazy Horse dancer, singer, yoga teacher at the Star Academy on TF1, she created her own method three years ago, the WarriorsYoga, a mix of several traditional practices.

The session begins with a classic warm-up with several greetings to the sun, one of the basic sequences of yoga. It gets complicated with standing postures, many of which require keeping your balance for five breaths. No question of blowing by the mouth. Aria explains how to breathe with the throat. This is the famous Ujayi breathing, typical of yoga to keep the energy inside the body. Everyone is already sweating in big drops. But the hardest is yet to come with the inverted postures. No question of going back, I find myself upside down, on the forearms, feet in the air. Forgotten everyday worries, you live the moment.

Finally comes the blessed moment of relaxation. Aria takes her ukulele to sing mantras. She also released an album on March 22, Shiva and gives two classes on Saturday and Sunday at the bodyfitness show.

If you are looking for a gentler yoga, head for Clotilde Swartley, a teacher and trainer, who teaches YogaN'Move. A mix also between ancestral forms of Indian yoga and more modern forms invented in the United States. "Move" because we move the body and especially the energies. Less acrobatic than the warrior, the idea is to listen to our feelings after each posture, to refocus. This is also the basis of all yogas: the mastery of the mind through the control of the body. Muscle yoga, in depth, hence its obvious presence at the fitness fair, rejoices Clotilde Wsartley, who sees these new forms as gateways for new practitioners.

Now it's up to you to find yoga that speaks to you. Aria Crescendo's advice: find your class according to the teacher's energy rather than the method.