Atlanta (United States) – The Los Angeles Rams lost the Super Bowl (13-3) to the New England Patriots on Sunday, but the California football team came to the fore and gained popularity with two "pomps." pom boys ", a first in the history of sport-king in the United States.

Jared Goff, the young quarterback of the Rams, did not exist against the legendary Tom Brady, who became the most successful player in history after the sixth title.

And his coach, 33-year-old prodigy Sean McVay, flinched over the experience of his 66-year-old New England counterpart, Bill Belichick.

But two Rams made a sensation. they are called Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron, and participated in the troupe ofcheerleaders"(or cheerleader) Rams at the animation of the grand finale of the National Football League (NFL).

Never in the long history of the Super Bowl, sporting event most followed in the United States, two dancers had participated in the choreographies and other dances of "cheerleaders"along the sideline at each of the many interruptions of match.

Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron were dressed in white pants and a blue and yellow jersey in the colors of Rams, but without the famous "pom pom"worn by their female colleagues, wearing an indented T-shirt and mini-shorts, they have attracted many comments on social networks, most to congratulate them.

American football teams had already incorporated gymnasts and stuntmen to wear dancers, but never dancers.

Disneyland's 28-year-old Napoleon Jinnies and 26-year-old Quinton Peron joined the 40-member troupe in March 2018 after auditioning, including 300 female candidates.

They were selected because they had everything fromoutstanding and talented dancers", according to the club.

Their first appearance in a Rams game in August had been somewhat heated, with insults from spectators. They had to endure throughout the season, he told the Los Angeles Times before the Super Bowl.

"All that happened was able to cash it, because we knew who was supporting us. Our families were doing it, our troop friends too, and the whole city of Los Angeles is the same, "Peron told the Los Angeles daily.

The example of the Rams is doing school. The American football team in New Orleans has also joined a dancer in his troupe, responsible for the animation of the matches.