PITTSBURGH – Steelers receiver Antonio Brown was found guilty of reckless conduct after failing to appear at the hearing on Tuesday, the county magistrate's office said.

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The police quoted Brown on November 8 for allegedly driving a black Porsche over 100 kilometers at present in Ross Township, Pennsylvania. The agents were looking for a potential suspect at a bank robbery when they found Brown.

Brown has paid $ 426.77 in fines and has 30 days to appeal the verdict of guilt, according to the magistrate.

Brown's lawyer declined to comment afterward, according to WPXI. Convictions for reckless driving in Pennsylvania can result in fines, a suspended license and up to 90 days in jail.

That night, Brown scored a touchdown in a 52-21 win over the Carolina Panthers. He declined to comment when he was approached after this match and, coming out of the locker room, he told his teammates that reporters could not catch him.

Brown has faced many legal cases in South Florida where he was born and raised. Last month, Brown reportedly pushed his daughter's mother to the ground after she refused to leave her property for a refund of her daughter's appointment, according to a police report from Hollywood, Florida. The mother did not want to make a complaint, and Brown asks for custody of his daughter, said family lawyer Jaclyn Soroka at ESPN. The lawyer, Darren Heitner, called the allegations "unfounded and false". The NFL and the Steelers are studying the issue.

In October, Mr. Brown was the subject of two lawsuits following an incident in April, during which he allegedly shouted after safety and threw objects on the balcony of the building. apartment, according to documents obtained by ESPN. Both cases are in the process of being resolved.

The Steelers plan to trade Brown after he failed to show up Saturday at the 17th week.