Spieth finishes first lap 64 for a quick lead on the sodden Riviera


LOS ANGELES (AP) – Justin Thomas was playing well enough to want to continue, with six birdies on a seven-hole course before it was too dark to continue Friday at Genesis Open.

It was raining too.

It was cold.

And he had been crossing the Riviera for nine hours already.

"It's hard to play 30 holes, but it's really hard when it's raining and it's soft," said Thomas after scoring 14 birdies on a long day that tied him in the lead. with Adam Scott at 10 under par. "My legs are tired, so I just have to go home, rest, take food and try to go to bed early as I can."

Thomas, who opened the game with a record under 66 in the morning, had 5 cents for his second round of 12 holes. He had an eight-hole course when he failed a parity (six birdies, two bogeys), ending with a tie of two shots on No. 3.

Scott was in the group right behind him and just as effective, also opening with a 66 and reaching 5 under. His only flaw was a long three-rolled shot for a 17th-place bogey on a course he liked. Scott won the Riviera in the rain 14 years ago, a tournament that was reduced to 36 holes and that was decided in the playoffs.

"I just had momentum and I kept it," Scott said.

Tiger Woods had some great moments that did not last long. He made four consecutive birdies around the turn this morning, a series that ended with a bogey of three putts in 12th place. He had four-three-three in the first round for a 70.

Its climax of the afternoon, as the temperature and the rain stabilized, was a 45-foot eagle putt on the first match of the normal-5 to start his comeback to nine. It was really an Instagram moment, for a fan shouted, "Make this! It's happening on Instagram! "Woods said, then bogeyer to the next two holes and end his day tied for the second round, 1 under for the tournament.

"I'm stiff now," Woods said after playing the biggest number of holes in a day since returning from a fourth backstroke. "It was very cold towards the end. The ball did not go very far. "

No need to tell Thomas this. He was in the right after hitting the driver at 260 meters, leaving him 222 yards back on a raised green. He pounded wood from 5 to 10 feet and made his last birdie of the day.

J. B. Holmes was another late move at the turn. Holmes was the 18-hole leader through a one-hit hole on the sixth hole of normal 3 followed by a birdie that led to a 63-year-old. He then had a shot at Jordan Spieth, who on Friday, he played six holes to complete his 64 holes without boguey in calm conditions.

Spieth thought it would be like that all day. He is mistaken. Light rain fell as Woods, Thomas and Rory McIlroy (3 under 12-12) finished the first lap. It never really stopped the rest of the day.

Thursday, the start of the tournament was delayed by seven hours. As a result, just about everyone who makes the cut will face long days at some point. The second round resumes at 7 o'clock in the morning and the other half of the group begins its second round at 7:40. Cut numbers will be defined Saturday afternoon, leaving no more than two hours of play the rest of the day.

Those in or around the head after 36 holes can expect to make 36 more on Sunday. Dustin Johnson played 36 holes Sunday when he won the Genesis Open two years ago.

Long before it started to get dark, Holmes could see very well when he hit 8-iron at the back pin at number 6, located just to the left of the bunker in the middle of the green.

"Struck exactly as I wanted him and he came in," said Holmes. "It looked good all the time."

Spieth took advantage of the recovery Thursday. His opening stroke of the 10th par-4 hit the basket's path twice and fell into a grass as high as the shin, so thick that it would have been hard to pull it out. The round was abandoned and he returned for a routine match.

It seemed easy to rest except for the 13th hole, where he shot his tee shot at a eucalyptus tree, played a slice at the outside of the trees and had ups and downs. low.

"It was probably better than any birdie," he said.

He managed two chips for the bird, one of which on the toughest hole in Riviera of No. 12, managed a birdie with the three par-5 and achieved a pair of putts of 39, bird about 10 feet on his return Friday morning.

He said that these six holes were the best the putter had felt for some time.

"I was able to find a way to feel some freedom in the shot and I managed to incorporate some of them," he said.

Woods hosts the tournament and his foundation is leading the event he first played in 1992 as a 16-year-old amateur. Next year, the tournament will get the same status as the Memorial (Jack Nicklaus) and the Arnold Palmer Invitational by offering a three-year exemption to the winners, getting a field of 120 players and offering 9.3 million dollars in price.

But the course has never been nice to him. It's in Riviera that Woods has played the most times as a pro (9) without ever winning.