Seton Hall beats Marquette 81-79 to reach the Big East final


NEW YORK (AP) – Seton Hall-Marquette has given way to a fierce victory in which the player of the year has lost 3 players.

After 57 fouls – including nine techniques – were qualified, 85 free throws were fired and three players were ejected. Marquette star Markus Howard has taken a close look in the last few seconds and has had the chance to make up for one of his worst games of the season. The shot hit the front of the set and Seton Hall qualified for the Big East Tournament championship with a 81-79 win on Friday night in a match that involved just about everyone to understand what's going on. happening.

"There has been so much unusual happening," said Marquette coach Steve Wojciechowski. "It was the most unusual basketball game I play, and I feel bad for my kids. I hope that our children will have had the chance to decide the game, and their children too. "

Myles Powell, who thought he was ejected after a fight between the teams in the second half, scored 18 of his 22 points in the second half to spark the Pirates' interest.

"It was crazy," said Powell, second in the scoring conference. "I thought I dropped my teammates."

Pirates, seeded third (20-12), will face defending champion and defending champion Villanova on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in the rematch of Seton Hall's 2016 title game.

Howard, the Big East scorer, scored 21 points, but was 1: 15 on the field. He also went to the locker room with 2 min 24 s to play in the first period, favoring his left wrist. He started the second half, but the 90 percent free throw shooter was 18 for 24 from the line for Marquette (24-9).

"He was good enough to play," Wojciechowski said.

Powell, who set a tournament record with 29 points in the first half of the quarterfinals against Georgetown, scored 8-0 in the second half against Marquette. He hit a pair of 3s and a pull-up that gave Seton Hall his first lead, 46-44, with 14:55 to go.

Shortly after, he got his third foul. This caused complaints from Seton Hall's coach, Kevin Willard, to whom a technique. Marquette managed four free throws to regain the advantage.

Moments later, Powell was the victim of a foul going up to the edge and the officials had to split the teams with 12:18 to go. Sandro Mamukelashvili, Sacar Anim and Theo John, of Marquette, were ejected with technical details distributed left and right.

"It was really hard for us not to have our two best defensemen in the game, Sacar and Theo," Wojciechowski said.

Powell also received a technical problem and it seemed that he had also been ejected when he headed for the locker room. He returned a few moments later on the bench, with four faults.

The chief chief, James Breeding, spoke to a pool reporter after the match to explain the calls. He stated that because Powell committed a flagrant foul in the first period, the spectators' bench at Seton Hall thought their star had been ejected.

"It's probably not clear to them that his personal foul in the first half is a flagrant personal foul live, giving rise to a different penalty from the technical foul," Breeding said. "And these two together do not give rise to an ejection."

About all the whistles, Breeding said, "I would simply say that the faults that have been called are faults that we have called all year round during the season."

Willard said that after the clashes, he thought the officials controlled the game well.

"It was an emotional game. It's Friday night in the garden, Big East Tournament, "Willard said. "Both teams played extremely hard. Emotions ran, it's the Big East.

Howard scored his only goal in the game with 10:05 remaining, a series of 3 that allowed Marquette to score 60-54.

Powell was not done, though. He hit three times in a row to blow up the fans of the Pirates. The second gave Seton Hall a 64-63 lead with a rest to make at 6:35. Powell pulled back on the court, looking over his shoulder at Marquette's bench.


Seton Hall: Quincy McKnight scored 18 points and played an important role in closing Howard. Michael Nzei had 14 points and 15 rebounds.

Marquette: The second-seeded Golden Eagles will enter the NCAA tournament after losing five of their six players.


Seton Hall: The Pirates separated with Villanova in the regular season.

Marquette: The Golden Eagles will discover their opponent of the NCAA Tournament Sunday.