Report: NCAA Opens Investigation into Kansas Men's Basketball and Football Programs | Bleacher's report

Brooklyn, NY - November 21: The University of Kansas logo during the NIT season game between the Kansas Jayhawks and the Marquette Golden Eagles at Barclays Center on November 21, 2018 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York York. (Photo of Porter Binks / Getty Images)

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The NCAA is currently studying the Kansas Jayhawks' men's basketball and football programs, according to Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

Dodd noted that an NCAA enforcement officer had gone to the campus of Lawrence, Kansas, while reviewing the basketball program, although the coach Chief Bill Self was not interviewed.

Dan Wetzel, Pat Forde and Pete Thamel Yahoo Sports reported in November 2018 that the federal government had authorized the NCAA to investigate individual schools for potential violations.

Dodd reported last month, Kansas officials began to worry about the worry of a case of formal offenses after the NCAA Silvio De Sousa, second-year striker, must stay away from the rest of the 2018-19 basketball season, as well as next season, after his guardian has received payouts from a booster and from a university agent.

The NCAA found that De Sousa's guardian had received $ 2,500 from an agent and a reminder and that he had agreed to accept an additional $ 20,000 from the same person and an Adidas employee for driving the player to Kansas during the recruitment process.

Kansas Assistant Coach Kurtis Townsend was also taken on a wiretap recording discussing the payment of successful rookie Zion Williamson, who has finally committed to Duke.

The Jayhawks have also been associated with an FBI investigation on college athletics through Brian Bowen's father, father of former rookie Brian Bowen. Bowen testified, according to Wetzel, that the University of Louisville offered him $ 100,000 for his son to play for the Cardinals because that's what Kansas paid to land Billy Preston.

Preston has never appeared in a regular season game for the Jayhawks because of a problem with eligibility.

Dodd noted that former Kansas soccer coach, David Beaty, had been interviewed by the NCAA at the end of February as part of an investigation into a possible wrongdoing by a police officer. assistant coach. Beaty filed a $ 3 million lawsuit against the university earlier this week, by ESPN Mark Schlabach, for being fired without cause last November.