REPORT - In this June 15, 2018 photo, Oakland Athletics coach Kyler Murray looks at a baseball game between Athletics and Los Angeles Angels in Oakland, California. Athletics and Major League Baseball representatives met on Sunday, January 13, 2019, with Murray, winner of the Heisman Trophy, a day before the NFL Draft Entry Deadline in Oklahoma Quarterback, said a person with direct knowledge of the session. (AP Photo / Jeff Chiu, File)

Jeff Chiu / Associated Press

The Oakland Athletics would apparently not intend to give up Kyler Murray's career in baseball for the time being.

Murray seemed to be calling on a potential major league baseball career when he ad "I am firmly and fully committed my life and my time to becoming an NFL quarterback", but Ken Rosenthal Oakland still believes the Oklahoma product could be right for his team.

Rosenthal said the A had recently received "mixed signals" from Murray and "believe Murray's statement was written by his football agent, Erik Burkhardt of Select Sports Group, to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to the NFL – the kind of commitment that the NFL teams wanted to hear. "

Oakland chose Murray with MLB's No. 9 overall pick in 2018, but signed for a contract allowing him to play football for a season with the Sooners.

Rosenthal said his team had always planned to allow him to participate in the NFL Boy Scout Bundle and that he still had the "asset" of being able to offer him a major league contract in addition to his signing bonus of $ 4.66 million.

This, coupled with the risk of injury and lack of consistent guaranteed contracts in the NFL, seems to favor a career in baseball, Jon Taylor of Sports Illustrated emphasized the financial benefits of playing at the quarterback position.

Baker Mayfield pointed out that Baker Mayfield had signed a $ 32.7 million deal with a $ 21.8 million signing bonus as first choice last year, while even Lamar Jackson had received a $ 9.5 million contract with a $ 4.7 million signing bonus as first choice.. Murray could also renegotiate his rookie contract after three years in football, but he should play six seasons before becoming a free agent in baseball, even if he was immediately awarded a contract with a major league.

according to Jeff Passan Murray will return $ 1.29 million of the $ 1.5 million signing bonus that Oakland gave him last year, and forfeit the remaining $ 3.16 million by March 1. Athletes have the right to place it on the list of restrictions, but they will not receive a compensatory draft.

Oakland allowed him to play football for the Sooners and he took full advantage during the 2018 season with 4,361 passing yards, 1,001 rushing yards and 54 total touchdowns on his way to the Heisman Trophy and an appearance in the playoffs for college football. One wonders about his size, but he is the main manufacturer of double threat game in the next draft.

Matt Miller, of Bleacher Report, had shot 7th against the Jacksonville Jaguars in his latest simulation project. Dwayne Haskins (No. 6) from the state of Ohio is the only quarterback that should pass Murray.