DETROIT (AP) – The Detroit Pistons have hired goaltender Wayne Ellington and dropped the 2016 first-round pick Henry Ellenson.

The Pistons announced the moves Saturday night.

Ellington, six-foot-five, is in his 10th season in the NBA. He earned an average of 8.4 points with Miami this season before being traded to Phoenix and then dropped. The Pistons needed to shoot outside after trading Reggie Bullock.

Ellenson, who was drafted with the 18th pick in 2016, averaged only 3.8 points in 59 NBA games. The Pistons traded Stanley Johnson, their first-round pick of 2015, earlier in the week.

Ellington is the heat record holder for the 3 points achieved in one season. He also won the national championship in North Carolina in 2009, when the Final Four was played in Detroit.

The Pistons exchanged Bullock and Johnson before the deadline, but Detroit still has his formidable tandem on the front-field composed of Blake Griffin and André Drummond. The Pistons have made it clear that they still hope to play in the playoffs, and team manager Ed Stefanski said Detroit would always look to add players.