Odell Beckham thinks of his future in the NFL after the Giants traded him for the Browns.


After Odell Beckham was shockingly traded At the Cleveland Brown on Tuesday, Odell Beckham is a person we have not really heard of.

The were the reactions of fans, media and NFL players, but not a glance of the receiver.

Although Beckham is generally very active on social networks, he did not send a tweet or add a new Instagram image after the fall of the transaction. Beckham had the only reaction from two short, non-televised phone interviews he made with two different journalists.

Essentially, these two interviews let us know that Beckham was alive, but other than that, we did not have much information about what he thought of the trade. However, all this changed on Wednesday when the Browns and Giants formalized the deal.

At the announcement, Beckham seemed pleased to be able to play for the Browns, which should fundamentally excite everyone in Cleveland.

"The Browns are an organization that goes from the front and it's exciting to be part of something special under construction," Beckham said. "We have a lot of work ahead of us, but I really feel that the time has come for the Browns to get together, to start winning a lot of games and I'm grateful to be part of this evolution."

Beckham also mentioned that he's been to Cleveland several times to watch LeBron James in the NBA playoffs, and he wants to see that kind of atmosphere at the FirstEnergy Stadium for the Browns.

"I've already seen the energy that fans bring to this city after participating in Q playoffs," said Beckham. "Browns fans deserve a winning football team.It's a new start for me and it will be a pleasure to join Baker (Mayfield) and Jarvis. [Landry] on this team. "

Beckham did not act because the team that traded him was trapped.

"I will always appreciate the opportunity that the Giants have offered and I thank them, as well as the fans and residents of this city, for their support," Beckham said.

Beckham was in Europe when the transaction took place Tuesday night, which could explain why we did not hear it. When he woke up on Wednesday morning, he made sure to let everyone know how excited he was with the Browns.

"Dawgs must eat," wrote the recipient in the caption of the photo below.

The only person who was more enthusiastic than Beckham about this trade could have been the Browns general manager, John Dorsey.

"He's probably the only one, one or two best receivers from the National Football League," Dorsey said. "Very rarely, you have a chance to find a player of this magnitude.He is relatively young.He still has a lot of football.Great hands, an excellent work ethic, engaged, competitive, he really wants to be great And that's is all you can ask for. "

Since the Browns have a new coach this year, this means they will be one of the first teams allowed to participate in off-season training, which means Beckham will be allowed to train with the Browns starting in early April. .