NHL rankings after the 16th week


The NHL All-Star Weekend is back, with the festivities taking place in charming San Jose. Say what you want about the event and its virtues – maybe you think it's a huge waste of time, or maybe you think it's a great show of skill and personality players – but the annual cavalcade of stars always manages to bring out a memorable moment or two.

For this week's power rankings, we're looking at some of the most memorable moments for the 31 teams in the All-Star Game or Skill Competition.

How we classify: ESPN Hockey Writing submits survey results to teams 1 through 31, and these results are compiled in the list presented here. The teams are ranked in Tuesday night's games, taking into account the overall record, recent successes and context such as injuries.

Previous ranking: 1

Steven Stamkos wins Shootout Elimination 2012. What now? This was the event in which individual scorers attempted to score in a breakaway against an opposing goalkeeper. The marksmen who scored remained alive until only one shooter remained. Stamkos won the 2012 edition in Ottawa. There was no other version of the event. Therefore, Stamkos will forever be known as the undisputed universal champion of the Grand Elimination Challenge.

Previous ranking: 2

Johnny Gaudreau wanted to light his stick. With all due respect to all players in the history of the Flames who have actually accomplished things in the NHL All-Star Game, we must take advantage of this moment to recognize a fact that does not come to light. is not produced: Flames rookie Johnny Gaudreau in 2015, who was turned down by the NHL's lawyers. after asking permission to light his stick during the competition. "Since we play for the Flames, I want to turn it on," said Gaudreau during the game. "I think it was a player security problem, I really do not know why."

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Previous ranking: 4

Owen Nolan called his shot in 1997. The Sharks winger, in San Jose, completed a hat trick on a breakaway after pointing the goalkeeper from the top of the circles to "follow" the goal. This goalkeeper? Dominik Hasek! Sensational.

Previous ranking: 5

The moment of the Jets fans: Patrik Laine finished second in front of Shea Weber in the toughest competition and three tenths of a second behind Connor McDavid in the fastest skater in the 2017 NHL all-star game. The perfect time for the franchise: Dany Heatley's four-goal, five-point game against the Atlanta Thrashers in the 2003 NHL all-star game.

Previous ranking: 12

Mike Bossy Wins the 1982 Player of the Year Award Sometimes these star games can be a little dramatic. Watch the 1982 game between the Wales Conference and the Campbell Conference, which was 2-2 in the second period after a Wayne Gretzky goal. Enter Bossy, who scored at 17:10 to give the Wales team the lead and start the game in the third period with another goal: to win the MVP title. Something crazy: the match took place in Landover, Maryland, then Gretzky and the rest of the All-Stars had lunch with President Ronald Reagan at the White House the day before the match.

Previous ranking: 3

It's tied: Shea Weber was ranked at 108.5 mph, just 0.03 points off the Zdeno Chara record, and how Nashville fans made the 2016 John Scott phenomenon a moment as incredible and sincere in the history of the NHL.

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Previous ranking: 6

Vincent Damphousse won the MVP title in 1991. The scoring center spent his first five seasons with the Leafs, including the 1990-91 season, when he was under 31 years old. (Ouch.) But he was a star player this season in the Chicago match and he played as one: Damphousse scored four goals to equal a record shared by Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. The game was remarkable for having taken place during the Gulf War. The players wanted to cancel it. Chicago fans were deafening during the American anthem.

Previous ranking: 7

Marc-André Fleury wins the series of backup. Of course, the Knights only have one season of existence, but they still have a highlight of the All-Star Game: Fleury has blocked 14 free throws to win the inaugural edition of the NHL's "Save Streak" Challenge at the all-star game in Tampa.

Previous ranking: 9

When Sidney Crosby started showing up to play. Joke! Of course, this is Mario Lemieux's incredible effort in 1988 in St. Louis, which culminated with the winner of the game in overtime for the Wales Conference and, at the time, a record of points to a match in the event.

Previous ranking: 11

Zdeno Chara led the way at 108.8 miles in 2012. The Bruins defenseman is a five-time winner of the toughest shooting competition. This was his last win in his former Ottawa home and he remains the NHL record in the competition. Shea Weber just missed the mark the following year, reaching 108.5.

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Previous ranking: 8

Alex Ovechkin takes a picture of the sad Phil Kessel, chosen in the NHL's fantastic draft in 2011. Now this could have been a place to honor comedy skills, competition goals or even old school capitals. Ovechkin, such as Mike Gartner and Peter Bondra (the fastest skater) or Al Iafrate (the hardest hit) winning their skill competitions. But Ovechkin's "mockery" of the last choice launched the Phil Kessel Redemption Society and revealed the cruel belly of the fantasy format that we all loved, but that the players hated.

Previous ranking: ten

Rick Nash scores 12 seconds after the 2008 NHL All-Star Game. It remains the fastest goal of the beginning and end of part of the history of the NHL games. Finalist: The 29 times we heard the Columbus gun battle for the 2015 All-Star Game.

Previous ranking: 13

Alexei Kovalev wins the MVP title at the Bell Center. The Canadian offensive dynamo had a hilarious week of entertainment, puckering the head in the separatist challenge, scoring two goals and a helping hand in the all-star game and scoring one more goal in a shootout to lead his team to victory. He was voted on by the fans and promised to impress them as a team captain. To win MVP, he won a car.

Previous ranking: 14

Jamie Benn is accurate. The Stars winger won the 2012 shooting accuracy competition in 10,204 seconds, which remains the second fastest time since the format change of the event in 2011.

Previous ranking: 17

Marian Gaborik won the fastest skater in 2003. Formerly called "Maserati on the Highway" by Sports Illustrated, Winger Wild won speed skating in the All-Star Game in Sunrise, Florida. He then won the All-Star Game MVP in 2012 as a member of the Rangers. Honorable Mention: Filip Kuba defender getting the sole selection of the all – star game of his career (333 points in 836 games) because the Wild had hosted the event in 2004.

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Previous ranking: 16

Joe Sakic wins the title of MVP of the 2004 Stars. The Hall of Fame Center won the match against the Most Valuable Player, scoring three of the four goals of the Western Conference for a tour of the hat of the match of the stars. (Please note that these All-Star jerseys were amazing.)

Previous ranking: 15

Zemgus Girgensons participates in the 2015 All-Star Game. Before John Scott, there was Zemgus Girgensons, the Buffalo striker who has not yet scored more than 30 points in a season. But the online voting of the NHL has allowed supporters of his home country, Latvia, to flood the NHL poll and give the 21-year-old striker impetus.

Previous ranking: 19

The beginnings of The Guardian Project. Yes, the NHL's ill-conceived cartoon crossover (RIP, Stan Lee) made its infamous debut at Raleigh All-Star Game in 2011. And the world has never been the same. I mean, until the Guardian project disappears from the NHL's marketing plans about a year later. Then it was pretty much the same thing.

Previous ranking: 18

The accuracy of Daniel Sedin's shots in 2011. The Canucks star shot four targets in four seconds in 7.3 seconds to set an All-Star record still standing. In comparison, the current Canuck Brock Boeser won the shooting accuracy challenge of last season in 11,136 seconds.

Previous ranking: 21

Mike Liut proves that there can be goalkeepers in a match of the stars. The Blues goalkeeper stopped 25 shots in 31 minutes, including 18 in the first period, against a team from the Wales Conference, with the Los Angeles Kings' Triple Crown line as a whole. He won the MVP award, one of only five goalkeepers to win it. This earned him a new Toyota Celica Supra!

Previous ranking: 20

Wayne Gretzky scored four goals in 1983. At the Nassau Coliseum, the Campbell Conference edged Wales by one goal before the start of the third period. Team Campbell won 9-3, thanks to Gretzky's All-Star Game record with four goals in the third, including three with the help of Mark Messier. The wave helped Gretzky win his first of three MVP All-Star.

Previous ranking: 22

Teemu Selanne won the MVP title in 1998. The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim star played for Team World in the format of this game. He won the puck's control relay at the skill competition. , then scored a hat trick in the all-star game to become the first European-born player par excellence and the first by a losing team since Grant Fuhr in 1986.

Previous ranking: 24

The correct answer is that Keith Tkachuk and Jeremy Roenick associate Ray Bourque, legend of shooting accuracy, at the 1999 Tampa Accreditation Competition. The real answer, of course, is that the Coyotes had to organize the 2006 All-Star Game, but it was scuttled because of the Olympic break, and then the Coyotes were ignored in later attempts to re-match. Sigh.

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Previous ranking: 23

Gretzky's farewell visit. The legend of the New York Rangers, Wayne Gretzky, was the star of the 1999 All-Star Game (of course), helping the Canadian team … um, "North America" ​​has defeated the stars of the world 8-6. Gretzky, in his last all-star game, had a goal and two assists (including one on Rob Blake's match winner) to win the most valuable player honors.

Previous ranking: 26

Pavel Bure wins the title of MVP. The 2000 NHL all-star game in Toronto was quite memorable for the Panthers. Viktor Kozlov equalized Ray Bourque and the shot on goal allowed Bure to score a hat trick to allow the All-Stars to win their first victory against the North Americans. The Bure brothers combined for six points, becoming the first brothers to score points in the same match since Maurice and Henri Richard in 1956.

Previous ranking: 28

Patrick Kane wins the Breakaway Challenge as a Superman. Marian Hossa tied to the cloak. Kane put on the Clark Kent glasses. (No cannon, but no matter). During his breakaway attempt, he dipped on the ice on his stomach and passed the puck with his glove against his stick for an inventive goal sufficient to win the title.

Previous ranking: 29

Wayne Simmonds scores the winner of the game and wins the MVP title. In 2017, Simmonds returned to his first home in the NHL, Los Angeles, to play his first all-star game. He scored the final goal in the final of the Metro Division's 3-on-3 tournament – with 4 minutes and 48 seconds – to become the first Flyer to win the most valuable player title since Reggie Leach in 1980. He also scored two goals in the semifinals. He won a Honda Ridgeline. "No idea what I'm going to do with [the truck]. Maybe someone – my mother, my father, my brothers or someone else – needs a car or something like that. I do not need it. It's a nice luxury, but who knows what I'm going to do, "he told Philly.com.

Previous ranking: 25

Brian Boyle plays the game of stars. Boyle's comforting comeback in 2017-18 of chronic myeloid leukemia that led up to the All-Star match in Tampa (as a substitute for Taylor Hall's injury) may have become the narrative of the event. "I'm very grateful, I've always been, I've never taken it for granted that I play in this league, to be here and see all these stars, guys, how humble they are and how what support they have been for me throughout the year and even today, it's wild, it's true, "he said.

29. Los Angeles Kings

Previous ranking: 30

Wayne Gretzky wins the MVP … in Edmonton. Gretzky, traded to the Kings in 1988, returned to Edmonton for the All-Star game in his second opposition appearance. He skated on a line with Jari Kurri. He was warmly welcomed by the fans. He won the MVP award with a goal and two assists in the Campbell Conference 9 to 5 win, getting a car as a reward, which he offered to his former teammate (and bodyguard) Oilers, Dave Semenko, who had just retired.

Previous ranking: 27

Gordie Howe fights in the All-Star Game. In 1948, at the second NHL All-Star Tournament, Howe was part of the star team that faced the reigning Stanley Cup champion, the Maple Leafs, which was the original format of the match . At Chicago Stadium in 1948, Gordie Howe and Leafs Gus Mortson In the All-Star Game, the fight was so bad that both men were placed under police custody until the end of the sentences. Hockey of yesteryear!

Previous ranking: 31

Team Alfredsson at the 2012 All-Star Game. The most popular player in franchise history was entrusted with his own fantastic team captaincy at an event marking the 20th anniversary of the return of the franchise. His team captain team fantastic? Former Senator Zdeno Chara. Complete the Senators celebration: fans elected three other Ottawa players in the starting lineup, namely Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza and Milan Michalek.