Klay Thompson should not leave the Warriors any time soon, despite his stand-alone player contract pending this summer.

While the 28-year-old guard will be a target for many of the NBA's best teams, "the wait inside and out" of the Warriors' organization is that Thompson will sign again with Golden State.

By the athletic:

"Although Thompson has expressed interest in remaining a" warrior for life ", his return can not be taken for granted, but the wait inside and outside the Warriors is that Klay is not going away, which is why you do not hear about teams other than the Lakers preparing for Klay's summer. "

Thompson made it clear during the off season that he wanted to be a "warrior for life", and it would seem that Golden State is claiming it too.

"I've already said it many times: I would like to be a lifetime warrior," Thompson said in August (via The Mercury News). "The contract negotiations are going well, but I think we all have the same interest and I would like to be here for the rest of my career … I will become a free agent in 2019. N ° 1 on my list would obviously stay with the warriors. "

Thompson, who is in his eighth season with Golden State and has already won three championships with the team, continues to play an important role for the Warriors. He has an average of 21.6 points with 4.2 rebounds this season and 45.1% of the peloton.