Nationals Would Talk Again To Bryce Harper – HardballTalk


A little less than a month ago, Washington Nationals owner Mark Lerner seemed to be closing the door on Bryce Harper 's return. At least unless he agrees to the $ 300 million offer announced by the club to Harper before the start of the season. In December, Lerner's message was that the Nats would go no higher than that and not negotiate on it. It was basically an offer to take or leave.

Where was it?

It should also be noted that Chelsea Janes of the Washington Post reported earlier this week that Harper and his agent, Scott Boras, had had a five-hour meeting with the Nationals before Christmas.

It is worth mentioning that Bowden is a former director general of the Nationals. For its part, Janes has in the past been renowned for conveying arguments from the Nationals in a rather uncritical way. As such, it is possible that all of this comes from the Nationals in order to give the impression that they are working hard to bring back Harper, either to make the fans less insane against them if he walks to raise the price. for division rival Phillies, who would be interested in Harper. Of course, if a five-hour meeting took place, you had to at least talk a little turkey, is not it? It's not like they're watching the first two "Godfather" movies one after the other. Which would be cool, obviously, but not really productive.

All this to say that the previous speech about the fact that the Nats had not negotiated at all with Harper no longer seems to be operational and that they must at least be seen as some sort of rival to bring back their former fighter.

The Yankees are finalizing their terms with southpaw reliever Zach Britton, according to several reports. Ken Rosenthal of the athlete and Jeff Passan of ESPN, among others. It would be a three-year contract for at least $ 39 million, although its total value could reach $ 53 million if the Yankees chose to choose Britton's option for a fourth season. The club has not yet officially confirmed the acquisition, but should do so once the southpaw has cleared his physical condition.

Britton, 31, will return to his position as Yankee coach after a respectable victory of 2.88, 4 BB / 9 and 7.6 SO / 9 in the second half of the 2018 season. lost several years of star status in Baltimore, his recent problems on the knoll are mainly due to previous injuries to the arm and Achilles tendon and are not expected to have such a large impact on his number in 2019.

As noted earlier, this does not necessarily mark the end of the Yankees' search for marker depth. They are still told that they are part of right-handed reliever Adam Ottavino, and that they might try to sign him in the spring, if not much earlier.