National championship depth takes a hit with Michael Taylor dismissed for "a lot of time"


United States national coach Michael Taylor fell injured in spring training – with a sprained left knee and hip – and his manager, Dave Martinez, said the situation was rather poor Friday :

Taylor is certainly not a star, but he is a good defensive player from the center. Even though he was bad in 2018, he hit .21 / .320 / .486 with 19 homers and 17 interceptions in 2017. Notably with Bryce Harper having signed elsewhere, Taylor was a key member of the team. equation of the national championships this season, especially with respect to depth.

Here is what they have now.

Left field: Juan Soto. Stud. Also only 20 years old with less than a full season under his belt.

Central field: Victor Robles. Big advantage, but he is only 21 years old and has only 93 appearances in career on the plate of the MLB.

Right field: Adam Eaton. Eaton hit .300 / .394 / .422 (115 OPS +) in his two seasons with the Nationals, although the "seasons" are only a stretch. Eaton, subject to injury, played only 23 games in 2017 and 95 last year.

Bench: Here is the real problem. If any of the three players mentioned above gets hurt or if one of the kids is struggling fiercely, the Nats are looking for players to replace. Howie Kendrick is injured early in the season. Wilmer Difo could be forced to take action off the field. Andrew Stevenson is a .122 / .282 / .265 batter in the majors (152 AP). Hunter Jones is the only other viable option in the major league camp. He has only 37 Triple A games, but he beat .305 / .354 / .466 last season.

If the Nationals choose to seize a free veteran agent, there are still options that could work. Carlos Gonzalez is still a free agent, although the Nats probably need someone who can handle the center of the field and he can not. Could they reconnect with Denard Span, who played with the 2013-15 Nats? Otherwise, Austin Jackson and Chris Young are the unsigned options that could try to play. That's all.

Being so late in the camp and having news like Taylor and the Nationals have made it, is quite difficult, but they still have time to arrange everything.