NEW YORK (AP) – The Major League Baseball's 150th anniversary logo features the silhouette hitter created for the 1969 celebration of the first professional baseball team.

The MLB published the drawing Tuesday. Players, managers and coaches will wear a .50-inch crest on the right sleeve of a white hitter ready to hit a white ball, with a blue background in front of the batter and a red behind. "MLB" appears to the left of the logo and "150" to the right. The patch is more horizontal than those used for the 100th and 125th birthdays.

The 1969 logo, designed by Sandgren & Murtha's Jerry Dior, had a white border and the "100th Anniversary" below in red. The logo has become the official mark of the MLB, with the commissioner's office playing a larger role in the US and national leagues. The logo was affixed to the back of the caps from 1993 and on the back of the jersey necks in 2000, according to Uni Watch.

The 1994 logo changed the hitter and ball to gold, had "125th ANNIVERSARY" underneath and was surrounded by a gold and black edging. This year's patch has darker colors to match the American flag: Pantone 193 Red and 282 Navy. The logo of last year was Panatone 199 red and 288 blue.

The teams also wore a logo in 1939 to commemorate the now discredited myth that Abner Doubleday invented baseball in 1839 in Cooperstown, New York.

The MLB said the 150th anniversary patch will also be on course for players on March 28th.