Almost all baseball fields have a corporate name that companies have bought and paid for marketing purposes. However, some seem a little more organic and a little more integrated with the identity of the tenant team than others. Beer names are the most obvious.

The big brewery that was once based in St. Louis no longer owns the Cardinals, but it would be strange for them not to play at the Busch stadium. Similarly, Coors Field seems appropriate for the Rockies, in part because it is the only name Ballpark has ever had, in part because the Rockies and Coors are so strongly identified as Colorado institutions.

The same could be said for Miller Park in Milwaukee. The famous brand of Milwaukee beer on the name of the stadium housing the baseball team, specifically named as a nod to the brewing industry, seems quite right. But this will not be the name of the building after the end of the 2020 season:

Of course, it's just about trading one name for another, so it's not like everyone has to cry, but it always seems wrong. How are the Brewers not playing Miller Park? It will take a long time to get used to it.

UPDATE: MillerCoors is simply outbidding:

Bob Nightengale of the United States TODAY Sports Reports The Diamondbacks and TJ McFarland have avoided arbitration and agreed on a salary of $ 1.45 million for the 2019 season. McFarland, at the end of his third year of eligibility for arbitration, has claimed $ 1.675 million, compared to $ 1.275 million for the Diamondbacks. McFarland ended up installing just below the midpoint of these two numbers.

McFarland, 29, was a great defenseman for the D-Backs last season, finishing with a 2.00 ERA and a 42/22 K / BB ratio in 72 innings. Although the southpaw does not miss a lot of bats, it does not hurt some grounders. Its ground-ball rate of 67.9% last season was the third highest among players with at least 50 innings, behind Brad Ziegler (71.1%) and Scott Alexander (70.6%).

McFarland outscored the left-handed batters, limiting them to a .388 OPS last season, but the D-Backs deployed it almost twice as often against the right-handed hitters, who charged him a total of .764 OPS . It will be interesting to see if the club decides to use it more as a platoon in 2019.