Matt Harvey hopes to revive the fire with Angels after the disappointing end of the Mets mandate | MLB


Matt Harvey was disappointed in his last years with the organization of the Mets.

After starting his flaming career in New York and taking part in the Cy Young Awards conversation, Harvey was traded to the Reds after a 0-2 record with a silver medal of 7.00 in eight appearances with the Put in 2018.

Three years ago, he had undergone surgery to relieve the symptoms of chest port syndrome and was still wondering if he should have waited longer to return.

"I was getting to the point that I was doing more harm to myself and what I wanted to accomplish," Harvey told reporters Wednesday via The Athletic. "I was really fighting myself. I was disappointed with what I could not bring to the team and the city of New York at the time. It's me who was beating me. It was the hard part. "

Harvey went 7-7 on 24 starts with Cincinnati with a 4.50 ERA. He signed a one year, $ 11 million deal with the Angels this season.

Harvey tries to bet on the little success that he has had by the end of 2018, when he has made three quality starts over his last five outings.

"I think everyone is a little guilty of having two good starts and then we take a step back and we can relax a bit," he said. "I remember how painful it is to fail all the time, these two successful debuts, I worked as hard as if I were crazy for a bad start … J & # 39; would like to have someone who told me when I was 23. Now I can write a book to me and say "do it more".

The 29-year-old will be taking part in a rotation that will feature other former prospects who have had some ups and downs in their careers. Harvey has experienced some of the same things and is trying to learn from past mistakes.

"It's a part of the spark and the fire that you can turn on and turn back on," Harvey said. "It's to go out and play. You can always want to go back to what I was before or participate in the World Series, but you have to go out and do it. You can think so, but you have to go do it. "