Photo: Meg Oliphant (Getty)

The Lakers issued a statement Monday night clarifying the timing of communication between Magic Johnson and Ben Simmons in November, when Simmons asked Magic to give him advice on playing in the NBA as a gigantic shooting leader who can not shoot. It's something that, I'm afraid, all of us have to worry about now.

This version of events, where Simmons contacted Magic via the 76ers, apparently does not match a version given by the 76ers general manager, Elton Brand, during an appearance on the radio Monday morning. As the NBA is investigating this sequence for signs of forgery, this gap must of course be corrected. also to be reconciled in public:

The manipulations are out of control. The league strikes Marc Lasry with a $ 25,000 fine Monday for giving an honest answer to a question about his Bucks appearing on a list of teams with which Anthony Davis would consider staying long term. The highly controversial commentary of Lasry, which the league obviously considers as an alteration:

"I've seen this report and I think it's great," Bucks co-owner Sporting News, near the Barclays Center field, said in Las Vegas after his team shredded an exhausted club. , in Brooklyn. "It's a little what we want. We want players to come to play in Milwaukee. And in part, when you're a winner and you set a standard of excellence, people see it. People want to win.

"It does not make any difference if you're in Milwaukee, New York or Los Angeles. The whole goal is to win. So we hope they are players like Anthony Davis and others who want to come to Milwaukee. "

So we have two competing CEOs who are frantically redefining their stories to protect the Lakers from a falsification charge that it seems to them that neither of them wants to see, and a co-owner who absorbs a fine for having recognized a report perfectly benign and obvious quote. And it's been two weeks since the NBA fined Anthony Davis $ 50,000 for self-alteration, for allowing his agent to say out loud what in any case is filtered through the channels without any punishment. And it's less than two months after a silent memo was issued to league teams to prevent, uh, letting their players – professionals and adults – speak to each other aloud.

On one side, it should be easy to avoid manipulative charges, enough so that Magic deserves all the exasperation that it wins whenever it mingles with another stupid controversy. On the other hand – and this hand is much bigger and stronger and is the hand of justice and justice – I am sick as shit of all that crap! No one "protected" by the NBA anti-tampering rules – small market owners and their over-sized general managers – deserves to be protected, and what they are protected from is the information exchanged for the benefit of players making decisions in the field of employment. You will note that other industries do not prohibit companies from recruiting from their competitors! Because it's unfair to the workers in a way that is as fucking as naïve, but also unfair to the Pacers, there are palm trees in Miami!

So, instead of players, agents and general managers being just open and honest about what teams have to offer and where players prefer to play, we have a clumsy scoop system where intentions and interests are disclosed on one side of the player. speechless and then denied each other, and general managers must keep a precise recollection of who called who and in what order, and no one can recognize wanting to play with someone else, and Ben Simmons can not ask Magic Johnson questions about basketball without triggering a damn ethical crisis. It is exhausting and insults many more people than it protects. The NBA should simply allow forgery. It would be better than that!