Madison Bumgarner, a San Francisco Giants, is four-time All-Star and three-time World Series champion. He is probably not a candidate in a first match. But Bumgarner is sure to let his manager, Bruce Bochy, know that he was not a fan of the trend of baseball opening, popularized by the Tampa Bay shelves last year.

At an appearance at the San Francisco Giants FanFest on Saturday, Bochy said he had received a message from Bumgarner after Farhan Zaidi, new president of the baseball operations of the team, said the team could use a first game in 2019.

"If you use a first game in my game, I get out of the stadium," says the text.

Openers are used to cover novice pitchers. By deploying a player from the center to "open" the game, the typical starter can not be overexposed by confronting too often the best batters of the opponent.

Bumgarner, 29, has averaged more than 6.5 rounds per start since 2011, and has had no more than 3.37 ERAs in his career.

Although he missed the first two months of the 2018 season, Bumgarner lost 6-7 with a 3.26 ERA, knocking out 109 batters in 129 2/3. He held the opponents at .193 batting average at their first appearance on the plate.

It seems rather unlikely that the Giants use a first match in front of Bumgarner.

The Giants finished fourth in Western NL. at 73-89 in 2018. They will open the 2019 regular season on Thursday, March 28 against the San Diego Padres. Bumgarner has been announced as a starter.