JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jaguars' executive, including vice-president of football operations Tom Coughlin, met with offensively-scoring Leonard Fournette on Wednesday, and the group discussed his disappointing season and plans for the weekend. future, confirmed a league source.

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The NFL network first reported the meeting.

The maturity of Fournette, its commitment to football, its conditioning, its behavior in the field and its production after the 2018 season raise questions. There has been speculation that the team would be willing to trade – or cut – in the off season.

Fournette has certainly not lived up to the fourth overall standings in 2017. He missed seven games last season because of injuries, was suspended for another match, had several problems outside of the game. field and let's get out of shape. The season ended on a bitter note when Coughlin publicly criticized Fournette (inactive because of a foot injury) and TJ Yeldon for sitting alone on the bench and disinterested during the final of the season. Coughlin said that they were "disrespectful, selfish and that their behavior was unbecoming a professional footballer".

That crowned a terrible year for Fournette. One season after missing two injured games, Fournette missed six full games and half of the other two injured right hamstring in the first eight weeks. Frustration grew within the organization in the face of the length of their absence. The Jaguars built the attack on a powerful game and the offensive had a hard time running without Fournette on the court.

All this absence would have had an impact on his conditioning. He finished the season heavier than when he showed up at training camp, when he said he had dropped to 223 pounds (his lowest weight since his second season at LSU). The CBS television broadcast team at the 16th week match against Miami said Fournette, who had said he had an average of 240 pounds as a rookie in 2017, had told them that he was weighing 233 pounds.

It is unusual for an NFL player to gain weight during the season, and Fournette has not been able to do much, if any, conditioning during the time he was rehabilitating his hamstrings. He admitted that he could be in better shape.

Leonard Fournette has missed seven games this season because of injuries and another because of a suspension. He averaged 3.3 yards per race. Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports

Fournette was suspended without pay for leaving the bench and fighting with Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Shaq Lawson during the Jaguars' 24-21 loss to Buffalo on Nov. 25, Fournette said. He ran across the field because he had seen Lawson push Carlos Hyde and want to defend his teammate. This is the second time that Fournette misses part for disciplinary reasons. The team rendered him inactive during a rookie match as punishment for leaving Jacksonville early and missing a picture of the team during the break week.

Fournette was also filmed on video screaming after a fan in the stands during the team's embarrassing defeat to Tennessee on Dec. 6. The video clip broadcast on TMZ.com showed that Fournette was shouting that he was going to "get banged on" in front of an unknown fan. in front of two people escorted Fournette.

The Jaguars put it on the bench late in the season because of its lack of production. He had no penalty in the third quarter against Washington in Week 15 and he had one in the fourth quarter and left the game after suffering a foot injury. Rookie David Williams – playing his fourth game only – carried the ball.

Fournette was not on the field either when the Jaguars attempted to play Miami at the end of the fourth quarter the following week. These races went to Hyde, who had five runs for 37 yards in the last possession of the Jaguars. Fournette, who had 7 yards in the first practice game before leaving the match, finished with 43 yards on 18 carries (2.4 yards per race).

Fournette finished her second season with 439 yards and five touchdowns and has only accumulated 3.3 yards per run in eight games. He has run for more than 53 yards twice and never exceeded 95 yards in the race. This is the first time Fournette has failed to record at least one 100-yard match in a season since his stint at St. Augustine High School in New Orleans.

He has accumulated 1,040 yards and nine touchdowns and averaged 3.9 yards per run as an NFL rookie.