BEREA, Ohio – Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey believes in second chance. He will give the half-offensive Kareem Hunt the opportunity to resume his career within the team.

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Dorsey said that Hunt had to win the trust of the team and the city, and nothing is guaranteed.

The Kansas City City Chiefs released Hunt after a video showing that he had jostled and kicked a young woman in February 2018 outside her residence in Cleveland.

The NFL placed Hunt on the commissioner's exempt list shortly before his release. The league will continue its investigation into this incident and two more involving Hunt, occurred in 2018.

Here is an overview of Hunt's position and what his addition means.

What is the official status of Hunt with the NFL and the team?

Now that he has signed a one – year contract with the Browns, Hunt will once again be placed on the list of the Commissioner 's Exempt Persons. As long as he is on this list, Hunt can neither train nor be with the team.

After signing with the Browns, Kareem Hunt will again be placed on the Commissioner's Exempt List. Scott Winters / Icon Sportswire

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said this about the case during the Super Bowl week: "Kareem Hunt, I think, everyone knows that he is doing the same thing. subject of an investigation.It is a free agent.If it is signed by a club, the clubs understand that it's signing up on the list of the exempted from the commissioner at that time up to ################################################################## 39 at the end of the disciplinary process – whether or not there is a disciplinary action, when we finish the investigation and make a decision This investigation has progressed tremendously. "

When are the Browns waiting for a suspension decision?

Dorsey said he was hoping to get a resolution by two weeks ago, but ESPN's Dan Graziano said one source had said the discipline process was "still going on and on." It was far from over. " It is important to keep The quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Jameis Winston, in mind. In June, the NFL had recommended a suspension, but the NFL Players' Association worked with the league to negotiate a three-game ban. Hunt's case could follow a similar path, with the league making a recommendation and the union and the league negotiating a final deal. At this point, the league has not yet come up with a recommendation.

Can Hunt participate in low season training sessions?

He may not participate in off-season training sessions, practices or pre-season games until a final decision on a suspension is made. At this point, Hunt is removed from the exempt list and his discipline begins the first game of the season.

When it is suspended, when will it come into force?

The first game of the 2019 season. His punishment would start on week 1 and last the number of suspension matches.

Why sign it now?

It was not urgent to have Hunt signed, but if the Browns had waited, other teams might have pulled him off the market. Obviously, if he will be part of the team, the Browns would like him to go for OTA and minicamps, but Dorsey said the timing was more accidental than anything else. "After all our research, we felt very comfortable and felt that everything was fine for the future," Dorsey said. "And it suited me."

What is the status of Hunt's contract?

He has signed a one year contract, which means that if he wins a cumulative season in 2019, he will be a free agent with restrictions after the season. If this happens, the Browns will be able to match any bids received from another team. To win the accumulated season, Hunt should be part of the 53-player lineup for 10 games. If he does not get the cumulative season, he would be an exclusive free agent of rights, which binds him to the Browns in 2020. Essentially, by signing it now, the Browns will hold Hunt's rights for two seasons .

Does this crowd the backyard of the Browns?

Yes. "It means you'll have a good competitive depth at the training camp," Dorsey said. Competitive depth, however, does not always work in the season. The Browns have Nick Chubb, who has accumulated 996 yards as a rookie, and Duke Johnson Jr., who signed a three-year contract extension in June. The latter two have been valuable contributors in the last eight games of the season following the decision to put Freddie Kitchens, now head coach, in the position of offensive coordinator. Hunt and Johnson can be used in different ways, but teams struggle to find touch-ups and clashes for three backs. Carlos Hyde was the leader of the first six games in 2018. When the Browns decided that Chubb had to play, Hyde was traded to Jacksonville.

What does it mean for Chubb?

Apparently, that does not seem to affect him much since he is starting from the Browns, but Hunt started 27 consecutive games in Kansas City and, as a rookie in 2017, he led the NFL with 1,327 yards. The addition of Hunt could have a significant impact on Chubb's litters, though Cuisines and the new offensive coordinator, Todd Monken, are able to find enough clichés for both.

Does this make Johnson consumable?

Dorsey answered this question as follows: "Duke Johnson is a great football player, but you get three quality people, four quality people. [Dontrell Hilliard is the fourth.] You now have three veterans. I do not think it makes [Johnson] Consumable again. What you need to do, is that you have to go back and look for your options and see in the future what is best for the organization. "Obviously, the word that jumped was" still ".