Watch out for this video, which doesn't show the Kobe Bryant accident

This video does not show the helicopter crash in which Kobe Bryant died. – YouTube screenshot

  • Kobe Bryant died on Sunday in a helicopter accident in the United States.
  • Images of a helicopter crashing resurfaced after the announcement of the basketball player's death.
  • These images actually show an accident in 2018 in the United Arab Emirates. Four people were killed in the accident.

A video showing the crash of the helicopter carrying
Kobe Bryant this Sunday has it been published on social networks? In any case, images showing a device crashing and then igniting have been shared for two days on social networks. They are presented, wrongly, as showing the last moments of the flight which transported the star of

These images were shared on Twitter and YouTube, where a video garnered more than three million views in 48 hours.


The video does not show the basketball player's accident. A reverse image search links to a video posted to YouTube on January 5, 2019. According to the account manager, the images show an accident in the United Arab Emirates.

A helicopter accident went well on December 29, 2018 in this country, as confirmed by a dispatch from Reuters. A life-saving appliance struck a zip line at Jebel Jais before crashing to the ground,
had explained the newspaper The National, an Emirati daily newspaper in English. The helicopter, an Augusta 139, was carrying four people, two pilots and two passengers, who lost their lives in the accident,
specifies the BBC.

Kobe Bryant was traveling in a Sikorsky S-76 B when he died.

An investigation was opened after the accident that claimed the life of the sportsman and eight others on Sunday, including his daughter Gianna.

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