French Cup: Tuchel wants to avoid injuries

Editing, published on Tuesday January 28, 2020 at 5:03 p.m.

Before moving to Pau in the knockout stages of the Coupe de France, Thomas Tuchel explained his wish to avoid injuries at all costs.

Wednesday, during the 8th final of the Coupe de France against Pau, PSG will once again be lessened since three of its players withdrew due to injury (Juan Bernat, Marquinhos and Thiago Silva). This season, there have been few matches where Paris has appeared in full. A situation which suggests poor management of the workforce. However, Thomas Tuchel assures that there is no negligence on this side. “We had already made changes. It's like that. I already explained that we should have more changes, 5-6, it can help. 3 players out of 11, what can we do? That's the reason. With three players, we have to change according to the needs of the match. "

Tuchel praises the benefits of turnover

The German technician has promised that he and his staff, whether technical or medical, will stay on the lookout, trying to prevent physical glitches as much as possible. "We should not find another team that plays as much as us and that has no injuries," he said. If we do not give rest, preparation, … The spectators come for some players, but we must be careful. If we play a Copa America, a Euro, the Olympics, … We can play, play, play but injuries will happen. We will manage the minutes, recovery, care, control, do everything to minimize injuries. We are very attentive. "

During this upcoming Cup match, and even if a place in the quarterfinals is at stake, Tuchel will therefore logically rotate. “This is the fifth away game, only two days behind the previous one. Everyone is waiting for us to always win, but it's a big effort, he said. We were extraordinary in Lille, a very intense match. If we want to make another intensive match tomorrow, maybe we have to change. It is the objective. The goal is not to let players rest, but for others to play to bring the intensity necessary to win. We always want to have all the talent on the ground. ” For the record, the most used Parisian this season is Angel Di Maria. It has 29 games and 2271 minutes played, all competitions combined.