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PSG in the Top 5 clubs that generate the most revenue

Editing, published on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 2:38 p.m.

PSG returns to the Top 5 clubs this year with the highest turnover. A study and ranking established by Football Money League from Cabinet Deloitte.

PSG and its owners can be proud of the progress made in recent years. On the field, but also outside. As the investigation by Forbes already suggested on the growing budget of the largest sports institutions, the club in the French capital is doing very well financially. This is confirmed by the Cabinet Deloitte through its annual balance sheet of income from European clubs. With a total economic income of € 639.5 million, Paris is positioned in the Top 5. It is only surpassed by the behemoths that are Barça, Real Madrid, Manchester United and Bayern Munich. This constitutes a first since the year 2015. President Nasser Al-Khelaifi did not fail to congratulate himself through a press release published on the club's website: "It is an immense pride to integrate the TOP 5 of the clubs. It is the recognition of strong strategic choices and ambitious objectives for which all our teams work with determination every day. We will continue our mission so that 2020 will also be a year of success and accomplishment. ”

PSG, a growth model for all of Europe

Compared to the previous year, the PSG generated an additional € 94.2 million. And it is the second strongest progression of the year. A leap forward which can be explained in particular by the multiplication of trade agreements. In the past few months, there have been nine new commitments made, as well as the extension of eleven old deals. This prosperous situation can only be consolidated in 2020 since the champions of France should also take advantage of the first benefits of their new contract with Nike, as well as with the jersey sponsor Accor Live Limitless and Visit Rwanda. Note, for the record, that the total income of the PSG has been multiplied by seven compared to the figures of ten years ago (82M €). No European club has been as effective in this area over the same period.