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OM still in the red financially

Editing, published on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 10:28

Despite a sporting situation which is clearly improving, OM is still facing serious economic problems. And qualifying for the Champions League may not fix everything.

Olympique de Marseille is currently firmly established in second place in the Ligue 1 classification. After a long crossing of the desert, the Phocaeans have returned to a competitive face, and also the pride that goes with it. And the supporters, too, find themselves dreaming and thrilling to the fullest for this team. Is everything all right in the best of all worlds? Not entirely. The financial health of the Provençal club is particularly precarious and it is not at all sure that a qualification for the next Champions League is enough to improve this situation.. according to L'Equipe, Marseille has an operating deficit which amounts to € 60 million and the cash inflows relating to participation in the C1 will be used above all to make up for this enormous deficiency.

OM still in the sights of UEFA

At the budgetary level, the Marseillais are all the more in difficulty as they cannot afford the slightest misstep because of the sword of Damocles which hangs above them and which is embodied by fair- financial play. During the last mercatos, the club has resolved to follow a policy of austerity in terms of recruitment and it will continue to do so to meet the requirements of UEFA. And this, by rebalancing the accounts, while reimbursing its shareholder. It is only in one or two years, and in case of repetitive qualifications in the queen test of the continent that Marseille will be able to loosen the embrace. The financial windfall provided by the new TV rights will be precious but not enough either to erase suddenly long years of failing economic management.