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Miscellaneous: A soccer film with women

Emmanuel LANGELLIER: published on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 11:27 am

Wednesday, at the cinema, comes out "A beautiful team", a film about a football team composed exclusively of women.

Football is not just a story of men. Young women are also very fond of the round ball and women's football has been democratized for several years now. It is also attractive, as demonstrated by the audiences during the last Women's World Cup disputed in France last June and July. A competition that ended with the coronation of the United States, led by Megan Rapinoe, where "soccer" is very popular with women.

The cinema also surfs on this effect since the round ball is the subject of a film which is released Wednesday in France, "A beautiful team". In the casting of this comedy, we find the famous Kad Merad and Alban Ivanov, but especially actresses like Sabrina Ouazani, Céline Sallette, Laure Calamy, Myra Tyliann, Manika Auxire and Alexandra Roth. The former international player of Lyon Corinne Petit (89 selections, ten titles of champion of France, six Cups) also appears, even if she does not speak, and accompanied the actresses on the shooting in the North.

A team of women to save the club

The story of this feature film directed by Mohamed Hamidi, already on the baton of "Born somewhere", "The Cow" and "Until now everything is fine"? The whole Clourrières team is sanctioned after a fight and is suspended from its championship until the end of the season. The coach then forms a formation composed entirely of women to save this small club and complete the season. Corinne Petit is satisfied with the experience. "It can be difficult when there are so many names," she says in L'Equipe. When you are a player, you know that you play a collective sport, so you are there for the team. They are an individual profession at the start. And I didn't think it would make something so cool. "

"I went there first because it is a film of women more than football," notes Céline Sallette. For Sabrina Ouazani, who is doing quite well with the ball, “the film questions human relationships, the place of women in society, in the home. Mohamed (the director) has things to say but without pointing his finger, without positioning himself as a lesson giver, and he takes care of all the roles ”.