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Euro 2020 (H): Remili replaced by Claire

Marie Mahé, published on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 3.30 p.m.

This Tuesday morning, the staff of the French men's handball team made a second and final change, with Nicolas Claire who replaced Nedim Remili, sick. The Blues, already eliminated from Euro 2020, face Bosnia (6:15 pm).

The French men's handball team is preparing to play a game without stakes. Against Bosnia Herzegovina, this Tuesday (6:15 pm), for their third match of the preliminary round of Euro 2020 for men's handball, the Blues will be deprived of Nedim Remili. The sick rear right will be replaced by the Reunion half-center Nicolas Claire, as announced this Tuesday morning. This is the very last replacement that the staff of the French team could make, in a group made up of sixteen elements. Claire was already with the French team in Trondheim in Norway. Like the Blues, Bosnia and Herzegovina is already eliminated. It remains to be seen whether Didier Dinart's men will be able to save the honor.

The group of 16 players
Guardians: Vincent GÉRARD (Paris SG HB) – Wesley PARDIN (Pays d'Aix University Club)
Left wingers: Mathieu GREBILLE (Montpellier HB) – Michaël GUIGOU (Usam Nîmes Gard)
Back left : Élohim PRANDI (Usam Nîmes Gard)
Left backs – Half-centers: Nikola KARABATIC (Paris SG HB) – Romain LAGARDE (Rhein-Neckar Lowen)
Half centers: Nicolas CLAIRE (Pays d'Aix UC) – Melvyn RICHARDSON (Montpellier HB)
Pivots: Ludovic FABREGAS (FC Barcelona) – Cédric SORHAINDO (FC Barcelona) (course) – Nicolas TOURNAT (HBC Nantes)
Right back: Arien DIPANDA (Saint-Raphaël Var HB) – Dika MEM (FC Barcelona)
Right wingers: Luc ABALO (Paris SG HB) – Valentin PORTE (Montpellier HB)
reservists: Yann GENTY (Chambéry Savoie Mont-Blanc HB) – Nedim REMILI (Paris SG HB)