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Euro 2020 (H) – Blues: DTN sounds the alarm

Emmanuel LANGELLIER: published on Tuesday January 14, 2020 at 1:08 p.m.

After the elimination of the French team at Euro 2020, Philippe Bana, the national technical director, draws up an uncompromising assessment.

The French team is already sadly eliminated from Euro 2020. The fault of two crippling first losses. Incredibly beaten when they entered the fray by Portugal (25-28), the Blues fell Sunday against Norway (26-28). Things are bad for the French, who have won everything in recent years, and whose qualification for the next Tokyo Olympic Games will go through the Olympic qualification tournament at home from April 16 to 19.

Bana: "We are not in a state of crisis but in a state of emergency"

In Le Parisien, the national technical director of hand Philippe Bana draws up an uncompromising observation. "It's a slap," he says. Even if we no longer have the same team as in the past, we have the permanent ambition to stay at the top. It is also suffering. Especially the match against Portugal. While for the one against Norway, everyone put their hearts, the one against Portugal, we hold it and we let it go … It hurts. How it hurts this morning to see the young (players) apologize to the old for not being up to par. So yes, it is a collective suffering. A big failure. We are not in a state of crisis but in a state of emergency. "

"Young people have apologized"

Bana adds: “Since 2000, we have been living to the rhythm of Olympic breaths. Our 2020 objective was therefore not this Euro but qualification for the Games and then the Games. Justices of the Peace will be in April (the TQO) and in July (the Olympic Games in Tokyo, from July 24 to August 9). And I have a memory, I remember that in 2012, we were a bit in the same situation: we had a wank at the Euro (France had finished 11th) and that did not stop us from winning then the Games … "

The DTN said that an explanation had taken place between the staff and the players. “We decided that when we got back from the Euro, we would stay together for two days Wednesday and Thursday to prepare for the future rather than split up as soon as we arrived at the airport. "The Blues are in" full construction, "asserts the DTN since 1999." Everyone spoke, the young people, as I said, apologized. We also noted that, if the tauliers are no longer at 150,000%, they are still there and that they have returned a copy of the taulers. But let little things go wrong. That the team has rejuvenated considerably and that we may have swung the youngsters a little faster than expected … We have to accept that we are no longer a team of invincible Terminators. For a long time, people imagined that we were in a system of distributing medals, often gold, automatic at the end of each competition … "

Shy support for Dinart

Bana also refutes the idea of ​​a divide between the staff and the players. “The word is excessive. There are always fries in a team. We don't live in the wonderful world of Care Bears. Performance is a place of combat. You have to measure the words, find the right ones, ”emphasizes DTN after Nikola Karabatic's declarations following the elimination. Bana then seems to provide slight support to coach Didier Dinart. “Did we ask ourselves if he was the right man to be world champion in 2017 and then win two medals in a row (Editor's note: bronze at Euro 2018 and World Cup in 2019 )? Didier knows he is in trouble. But we all feel responsible. There is nobody to put in the pillory ”, answers Bana, then relaunched on the subject. "Yes, he is the right person. But we should not be exempt from asking questions. Have we done the right analysis of the situation? Have we worked well? Asks the DTN, which does not anticipate any changes before the TQO.

"It's not on the agenda," said Bana, 62. The idea is to trigger a plan. To, in the short term, establish a game project and rebuild with the players. If the question is: "Are you going, as for girls in 2016, to change the staff?" For the moment, I do not envisage it. We are rather in the analysis of our functioning to find avenues for improvement, to be more square in who does what. "