100 pounds at the team box office

Barrie Greaves has always supported the English club in Norwich City. Now he's dead – and kickers are allowed to drink from him.

TThe establishments are sad events. This usually has less to do with what has passed out than with disappointed expectations, notaries with narrow lips or the somber atmosphere in the paneled notary's office.

Each of these encounters would sincerely love the spirit of the former history teacher Barrie Greaves want. Today, German historians are not known for their pronounced penchant for humor, but English historians are. Especially when they lost their hearts to a modest Premier League club. Norwich city is in the joy and sorrow he brings to his disciples somewhere between this VfL Bochum and 1. FC Nuremberg in Settle. She holds on until death do you part.

Only one death available

100 pounds at the team box office

For me. leggings it was clear that the day would come when he or his club would take the last breath, this should be accompanied by a wink. Because the city Playing in the Premier League, although at the bottom it was clear that it was the 83-year-old player leggings would catch first. The time had come on December 28. Things were the same as the old stuffing cookie was designed. There was only one dead man at his disposal. The blow should therefore remain. He was the British comedian Stephen Fry guilty who had been on the club's board of directors for several years.

So decreed Barrie Greavesthan £ 100 for a round of drinks to players from Norwich city go – in recognition of the great entertainment they would have given him in good and bad times. through Barrie Greaves you want to shed a few tears.

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