Merry Christmas NBA professional sees mother after three years

Please note, handkerchiefs will soon be used!

NBA professional Chris Silva (23) from the Miami Heat has probably received his best Christmas present! He was allowed to see his mother again – after more than three years!

Unforgettable Christmas for NBA professionals!

What a surprise! As of Friday, Silva trained normally with her team in the room. What he had no idea: this day should be very special for him. During an emotional Christmas speech by Miami trainer Erik Spoelstra (49), Silva's mother suddenly lays on the floor.

The NBA professional is speechless. "It's my mom", Silva cannot get more out of it than falling into her mother's tear-streaked arms – after more than three years!

In 2012, Gabonese left their African homeland for the United States. His goal: to become an NBA professional. Whatever he did. In 2019, he got a contract with the Heat in high school and college. But at a high price. During his seven years in the United States, he was only able to visit his family once.

So the Miami Heat just brought her mother. They flew behind his mother's back. The surprise succeeded: mother and son are finally reunited. "This is very close to my heart. It makes this Christmas special to me," said Silva, beaming with joy.