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The new place is soon paid

Championship honors at SV Fuchstal

Well placed presents the Tennisabteilung of SV Fuchstal with their 182 members. Like department heads Georg Gilg to the annual meeting in the Tennis Home reported, they are between three and 93 years old. The capacity of the seats was due to the four young people and five Adult teams very well, only the new fourth place next to the college is hardly used outside the competitions. Unfortunately, this year, no Fuchstalpokal could be played because of team problems in two foreign clubs.

treasurer Manfred Bonk spoke of a satisfactory balance. According to current trends, the new fourth place has been paid in three or four years. The former leader of the youth Daniel Huck looked at a test training, which only brought in three newcomers. A total of 39 children were training in the summer.

The five teams of children and young people recorded a satisfactory sports record. Thus, the junior and the children took the first places on the field. Thirty-one children attended the traditional tennis camp in July and about 100 people attended the awards ceremony.

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Sportwart Ferdinand Freer had four in the summer Adult teams organized. He announced that he would reactivate the Fuchstalpokal.

The fact that the individual competitions were poorly held at the club championships, he attributed to the fact that young people are afraid to play directly against each other.

In the new elections have resumed Peter Schönhofer the office of the second department head.

The new first youth leader is Tammi Gölz, she comes from Florian Wieland supported.

As a secretary and recreational sportsman, Ronald Zenker and Ludwig Baumeister confirmed. (HOE)

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