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FRANKFURT / MAIN / LANGEN. The German Triathlon Federation (DTU) presented two new partners at a press conference on Saturday. Castelli will be from 1 January 2020 "exclusive supplier of the German Triathlon Union and the German National Triathlon Team", Enervit is now "Official Partner of Sports Nutrition of the German Union triathlon ".

"We are excited to have two new partners for the association and the national team for the Olympic year. Partnerships such as Castelli and Enervit are extremely important for our athletes to prepare themselves optimally for the Tokyo Olympics, which they have been working on for four years. And our age group athletes will also benefit from these partnerships, "said Jörg Bügner, DTU Sports Director.

Castelli team for the first time the national triathlon federation

Castelli continues to expand its triathlon ambitions and for the first time equips a national triathlon federation. In addition to its growing presence in the triathlon, particularly in the medium and long distance segment, this step represents an important addition to the product line.

Steve Smith, Castelli Brand Manager, is excited about this new collaboration: "In recent years, our athletes have already celebrated many remarkable achievements, including many world titles and victories in prestigious competitions. apply our expertise in the areas of speed triathlon and short-distance triathlon.The new liaison clarifies our claim to be able to play shorter distances in the first division.We are of the opinion that new competition formats, especially adapted to the media and the public, impressively reflect the fascination of triathlon.We are proud to work with athletes who will represent Scorpion at the Olympic Games next year.The valuable feedback from athletes, associated with our expertise, are the best prerequisites to reach n ambitious goals of clothing development that help athletes win. "

DTU Elite's national coach, Faris Al-Sultan, is also delighted with this new cooperation: "After Castelli has made a name for itself in cycling for some time, you have established yourself as a supplier of triathlon in recent years. This speaks well for the quality of Castelli, when we see which athletes work with them, for example multiple Tour de France winners or Ironman world champions, so we are very proud that the German Triathlon Union is now the first federation. Triathlon National Team that Castelli Teams Most importantly, athletes will benefit from this partnership and will start with high quality clothing next season. "

Enervit with more than 40 years of know-how

Athletes will also benefit from DTU's partnership with Enervit Nutrition GmbH.

"We are very happy to be able to support DTU triathletes with Enervit Sport products and to provide them with optimum energy. With over 40 years of experience in the development and production of sports nutrition, Enervit has many years of experience. Our goal is always to optimally explore the needs of endurance athletes during a training or competition, and to develop new products and methods based on results. Thanks to our holistic and needs-based approach, we are able to convince the world of endurance sports with extraordinary innovations, both from a product point of view and through advanced training methods and nutritional strategies ", explains Markus Peter, DE / AT Country Manager at Enervit.

Enervit is currently developing a OneHand gel for short-distance triathlon, which is particularly easy to open with one hand. It will be available from spring 2020.

About Castelli

Castelli represents the best Italian quality and the most innovative clothing for athletes looking for maximum performance. With roots dating back to 1876, Castelli has a long tradition of innovation and novelties, such as: the first lycra running trousers, the first colored trousers, the first sublimation printed cycling jersey, the first cut-off membrane. wind, the first The upholstery of seats, the lightest jersey of all time and finally the most aerodynamic of all time. In a short time, Castelli established itself at the top in triathlon. Many groundbreaking innovations in recent years, such as zipper racing dividers – known as Sanremo suits – have quickly found imitators in the industry. The PR Speed ​​Suit, a suit specially designed for medium and long distance runs, is the latest addition to the Castelli product portfolio for triathlon. More information can be found on the website

About Enervit

Since 1954, the traditional Italian brand Enervit Sport manufactures food supplements for endurance athletes. The product portfolio includes gels, bars and powders of different flavors. Because proper nutrition and the judicious use of nutritional supplements enable optimal performance, a team of doctors, nutritionists, scientists and athletes constantly innovates. The focus is primarily on the individual needs of athletes in training and competition. The products allow optimal care of the body before and during sports with sustainable energy and reduce fatigue. After the effort, they ensure a quick recovery. Enervit products are developed and manufactured in the company's factories in Zelbio, Italy, and Erba, in northern Italy.

About the German Triathlon Federation

The German Triathlon Federation (DTU) is the only responsible sports association in Germany for the triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon and related multi-sport activities of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB). The DTU has become the second largest triathlon federation in the world with just 59,000 members and approximately 28,000 pass holders in approximately 1,500 clubs, as well as 270,000 participants in the many sporting events of the past few years. More information about